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10 Steps Towards Great Oral Health

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Everyone talks about taking care of the body but most people forget one of the crucial aspects of the regimen  – maintaining dental hygiene. From taking regular care of your teeth to using the right oral care products is not only necessary for your oral hygiene, but it’s also essential for your overall health.

If dental health suffers it would lead to digestion problems and other issues. While it is always advisable to go to a dentist every month for a thorough check-up, here are some simple ways by which you can maintain and improve your dental health.

1.  Brush your teeth twice every day – As simple as it may sound this simple practice will enormously improve your oral health. Many of us neglect to brush our teeth after dinner.  This enhances bacteria build-up in teeth and gums and plaque formation. So, the basic step in taking care of your oral health would be brushing your teeth morning and night.

2.  Brushing properly – As much as it is important to brush your teeth every day equally important is to learn to brush in the correct way. Brushing gently and in circular motions removes any accumulated plaque. Unremoved plaque over time leads to calculus formation and gingivitis (gum disease).

3. Taking care of your tongue – Often plaque can form on the tongue as well. This not only causes bad mouth odor it can cause other dental issues as well. So, it’s recommended to brush your tongue nicely while brushing your teeth.

4.  Using a Fluoride toothpaste –  Instead of stressing on the toothpaste flavors strictly choose a paste that contains fluoride as the chemical prevents tooth decay by providing a protective barrier for your teeth.

5.  Floss your teeth – Flossing is an excellent oral care routine. It not only removes little pieces of food stuck between teeth, it’s a good way to stimulate your gums and remove plaque formation.

6.   Choose the right mouthwash – Mouthwashes are extremely helpful for maintaining oral hygiene. Although, you should ask your dentist for a recommendation before getting one yourself! Certain brands work best for children, some are for sensitive teeth. So, it’s good to know which one will work for you before starting to use one.

7.   Drink enough water – Drink water after each meal. Water removes food particles stuck in your teeth. Sticky and acidic foods get removed with water.

8.  Limit consumption of sugary and acidic foods – Sugary food substances convert into acid in the mouth and erode the teeth’ enamel. While you don’t necessarily have to stop taking sugary foods it’s wise to limit the consumption.

9.   Consume green veggies for healthy teeth – Eating more veggies not only nourishes your teeth, the chewing of the greens strengthens your gums and teeth. It helps your jaws to be more effective.

10.   Go to a dentist at least once a year – Your everyday habit can ensure good oral health. Still, you can’t do what a professional can. A dentist can not only do a thorough cleaning of your teeth he can also check for cavities and provide some treatment and solutions.

Take your dental care as a self-investment. Good oral health is more than just preventing bad breaths or designing a nice smile. When you take good care of your dental health you start taking a basic step toward maintaining a balanced body and nurturing healthy habits.

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