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’72 Hoorain’ Sparks Social Media Buzz, Netizens Share Reactions To The Film’s Release

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Actor Pavan Malhotra’s latest film, ’72 Hoorain’, directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan and co-produced by Ashoke Pandit, hit the theatres on July 7, creating waves of controversy and mixed reactions. The movie revolves around the contentious topic of the alleged promise of 72 Hoorain (Virgins) to men who sacrifice their lives for their religion. 

Starring Aamir Bashir in the lead role, the film has attracted both praise and criticism from audiences and political parties alike.

As soon as ’72 Hoorain’ made its way onto the big screens, netizens took to social media platforms to share their reviews and opinions. While some hailed the film as “hard-hitting” and commended Pavan Malhotra’s performance. 

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One viewer expressed, “The first half is very good, and the black and white theme works so well. The brainwashing scenes are excellent, and Pavan Malhotra’s acting is outstanding. The second half is a bit slow and could have had a better climax, but overall, it’s a nice film to watch.” On the other hand, another individual stated, “Watching it feels like witnessing live acts of terrorism, shaking audiences to their core.”

However, amidst the discussions surrounding the film’s release, several Kashmir-based political parties raised objections to its portrayal of terrorist brainwashing. These parties argue that ’72 Hoorain’ has the potential to perpetuate negative stereotypes and distort the intricate dynamics of the region. They fear that the movie might present an incomplete or distorted picture of the religion’s teachings and practices.

While, some politicians have accused the film of being a propaganda piece with the intent to spread hatred against a particular community. 

The filmmakers themselves claimed that the Censor Board had not approved the trailer of the film and had requested the removal of certain words and scenes from it. Surprisingly, these elements were allowed to remain in the final version of the movie, which received clearance for a theatrical release.

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