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83 Fame Jatin Sarna’s Struggle Behind The Camera And Transition From Supporting Roles To His Breakthrough

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Actor Jatin Sarna no longer requires an introduction after showcasing his acting prowess in projects such as 83, Khakee: The Bihar Chapter, Sacred Games, and Meeruthiya Gangsters. Today, he is counted among Bollywood’s most talented actors. His acting abilities have allowed him to captivate the audience while playing a number of supporting roles. Therefore, regardless of how tiny or significant his tasks were, Jatin was the focus point of every undertaking.

1. From supporting roles to the breakthrough project

After undergoing an acting course at the Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, Jatin embarked on his career. He appeared in numerous plays, TV shows, and TV advertisements before finally getting his first role in the 2011 Indian release of Dear Friend Hitler as Gandhi to Hitler. As it is said, “Drop by drop, the water pot is filled.” Likewise to just how Jatin Sarna’s pot of supporting roles was full, it was time for a major project. Then, in 2015, Jatin was cast in the lead part of Meeruthiya Gangsters, where he took on the role of Sanjay “Foreigner,” which earned him accolades. After landing the lead part of Bunty in Sacred Games, he went on to win the MTV IWM award for “Most Popular Supporting Actor in a Web Series.” For his role, Jatin received significant praise.

2. The Rejection 

However, Jatin Sarna eventually had to deal with the film industry’s significant ignorance. He was turned down for a part in the Akshay Kumar-starring movie Airlift (2016). The actor once admitted in an interview that he had been heartbroken when he lost Airlift. He called the filmmakers repeatedly, but they never returned his calls. Later, Jatin had offers for 12 more films, including Bachchan Pandey and Tiger 3, but he turned them down since the characters weren’t compelling.

3. Went through depression

The career of Jatin Sarna has drawn attention in one manner or another. But one should also be aware of his personal life. Jatin experienced difficulties in his life. There came a time after doing numerous supporting roles when he didn’t obtain the role he desired, which resulted in depression. Additionally, pandemic made it even more challenging for him to land the roles he loved.

Sarna reveals in an interview that she stopped living in the moment because of his fear about the future. I started considering what else I could do and stopped being thankful for what I already have. And I became depressed as a result. I wasn’t obtaining the work I was looking for. And I used to think, “Why am I not getting work when people know I’m a good actor?” I contacted casting directors frequently to request jobs. I began to feel down and unhappy since it seemed like nothing was occurring around me. And it was having an impact on my mental health and myself. I was also staying alone. I was therefore even more miserable because I enjoy being around people. However, Jatin survived his difficult times and resumed living life to the fullest after a year of introspection and close friends.

Last year he appeared in the movie 83, portraying the late Yashpal Sharma. Meanwhile, it’s interesting to note that he had auditioned for the role of Madan Lal. But, he was chosen for the role of Yashpal Sharma. Millions of people admired him for the honourable way he performed his job. It won’t be exaggerating if we say that Jatin Sarna, who has exceptional acting abilities, is a gift to the modern cinema business.

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