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Actor Brijendra Kala On Film Bans And Propaganda: Let The Censor Board Decide

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The increasing trend of Bollywood films based on true incidents has sparked controversies and protests. From ‘The Kerala Story’ claiming to depict a true incident to the uproar over ‘Sirf Ek Banda Kafi Hai’ and ‘Ajmer 92,’ the debates have been intense. Actor Brijendra Kala weighs in on the matter, calling for trust in the censor board’s certification process and urging a focus on entertainment rather than propaganda and politics.

Renowned theater and film artist Brijendra Kala expressed his opinion, stating, “There should be no ban or protest, we have a censor board. Those responsible for certifying and approving films are better equipped to understand the content. This trend is not unique; even films like ‘Kashmir Files’ have faced similar reactions.” 

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Speaking about his character, Kala added, “In the film, I portray the father of a journalist who unravels the case. I fail to comprehend why there is no reaction when television shows or news channels cover the same subject matter.”

Addressing the controversies surrounding films, Kala emphasized, “Films are made on various issues, and it is essential to focus on the subject matter rather than getting caught up in propaganda or politics. These individuals should attend screenings to gain a better understanding. Let the films remain entertaining.”

‘The Kerala Story’ is a gripping portrayal of the heart-wrenching narratives of 32,000 women from Kerala who were radicalized and lured into joining the terrorist organization ISIS. While, ‘Ajmer 92,’ based on real events, sheds light on the harrowing ordeal of approximately 250 girls who were trapped, molested, and blackmailed for years by caretakers of the Ajmer Dargah, including influential individuals in the area and Congress leaders in Ajmer, Rajasthan, in 1992.

In other news, Brijendra Kala, is set to appear in Umesh Bisht’s upcoming web series. The series will feature Dhairya Karwa in the lead role. 

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