Actor Kartik Aaryan reveals he still lives on pocket money!

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Kartik Aaryan is one of the most successful male Bollywood actors of his generation. With hits like Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Satyaprem Ki Katha, he has proven his acting prowess and box office draw. However, despite his success, Kartik finds himself living on pocket money. This is not because he lacks the funds, but rather because his mother manages his finances and restricts his splurges. 

Living Under Financial Control

In an interview with Film Companion, Kartik Aaryan opened up about his financial situation. He revealed that his mother handles all his money and he has no idea about the amount of money in his account or how to check his balance. This may come as a surprise to many, given Kartik’s successful career and growing popularity. However, it seems that Kartik has relinquished control over his finances to his mother’s capable hands.

The Allowance System

Kartik admitted that he receives an allowance from his mother, and whenever he wants to make a purchase, he needs her permission. He recounted a recent incident where he wished to buy a car on his birthday, only to be denied by his mother. ‘Abhi nahi le sakte,” his mother said. She told him that there was no money available for such a splurge at the moment. Kartik accepted her decision, stating that he has no other option but to believe her. He expressed his frustration at times, when he is not allowed to buy things he desires, whether it’s a car or even smaller items like restaurant bills.

A Lack of Financial Awareness

One of the most surprising aspects of Kartik Aaryan’s financial setup is his lack of knowledge about his own accounts. He admitted that he doesn’t even know which account holds his money, let alone how much is in it. This level of detachment from his own finances is unusual for someone in his position, but it seems that Kartik trusts his mother completely to handle his financial affairs.

The Annoyance of Restrictions

While Kartik may understand and respect his mother’s decisions regarding his spending, there are times when the restrictions can be frustrating for him. He admitted that he sometimes gets angry about not being allowed to buy anything. It’s not just about major purchases like cars, but even smaller expenses like restaurant bills. Kartik revealed that if his bill is higher than usual, his mother questions him about it, often remarking on his diet and how he managed to eat so much. These instances highlight the limitations Kartik faces in managing his own expenses.

Trusting the Process

Despite the occasional frustrations, Kartik Aaryan trusts his mother’s judgment and decisions regarding his finances. He understands that her intentions are rooted in his best interests and that she is trying to instill a sense of financial responsibility in him. So while he may not have complete control over his own money, he believes that this setup is beneficial for his long-term financial stability.

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