Adah Sharma’s Journey in OTT

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Adah Sharma, a popular actress known for her roles in both OTT and theatrical releases, shares her experience and thoughts on working in the digital medium.

Adah Sharma on The Reach of OTT

Adah’s recent digital release, The Kerala Story, faced bans in certain states but found a new audience through OTT platforms. She appreciates how OTT has broadened the reach of content, allowing it to reach places it couldn’t before. Social media has played a crucial role in spreading the word about her projects.

The Motivation of OTT

Adah emphasizes that OTT platforms motivate artists to explore creative projects without being overly concerned about commercial success. She feels that this freedom to experiment is a significant advantage of the medium, allowing actors to focus more on their craft.

Equal Dedication Regardless of Medium

For Adah, the dedication remains the same regardless of whether she’s working on a music video, theatrical film, or OTT release. She believes that actors should focus on delivering their best performance, leaving concerns about numbers and medium to the producers.

Adah Sharma

Desire for Diversity in Roles

Looking ahead, Adah expresses her desire to take on diverse roles that challenge her abilities as an actor. She aims to avoid repetition and hopes to receive offers for characters she hasn’t portrayed before. Despite doing similar genres, like action in both Bastar and Commando, Adah appreciates the nuanced differences in her roles, highlighting the contrast between the larger-than-life action in Commando and the gritty realism of Bastar

Sunflower 2: A Unique Experience:

Adah shares her experience working with Sunil Grover in Sunflower 2, expressing her excitement at being part of the second season. She praises the talented cast and the diverse styles of comedy they brought to the table. Adah particularly admires Sunil Grover’s humorous personality and his willingness to improvise, making the work environment enjoyable. She feels fortunate to have played the role of Rosy and is grateful for the audience’s anticipation after the first season, which motivated the team to deliver their best.


In conclusion, Adah Sharma’s journey in OTT reflects the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry. Her positive experiences highlight the opportunities and creative freedom offered by digital platforms like OTT. Adah’s dedication to exploring diverse roles and delivering her best performance regardless of the medium underscores her commitment to her craft.

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