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Adhyayan Suman Opens Up About His Controversial Past With Kangana Ranaut And Fights For His Career

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Adhyayan Suman, known for his debut film ‘Haal-e-Dil,’ made headlines not only for his work in Bollywood but also for his tumultuous relationship with Kangana Ranaut. In a recent interview, the actor candidly shared his side of the story, emphasizing that he has no regrets about speaking out about his past.

Adhyayan stated, “I don’t regret speaking about my relationship. I spoke about it like any human being would. I spoke about it at a point when people didn’t know about my side of the story.” He clarified that he didn’t seek publicity and only spoke out of respect for himself and the other person involved.

The actor acknowledged that sharing his side of the story was essential for people to understand how the relationship had impacted him. Adhyayan asserted, “When you’re in the public domain, there are so many opinions and judgments passed about you that sometimes it’s important to clear things out. You don’t get work because of your affairs but because of your talent.”

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Despite facing initial backlash, he found validation when people apologized to him after hearing his perspective.

Adhyayan acknowledged the hardships he faced in the industry, with projects being taken away from him at the last minute and being left out of promotions and press conferences. Despite these challenges, he remains determined to fight for his rightful place in the industry, asserting, “I need to fight for these things because I don’t have an option.”

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Taking matters into his own hands, Adhyayan has been focusing on creating opportunities for himself, recognizing that waiting for offers from the industry may not always be fruitful. He shared his plans to venture into directing with his debut directorial project, tentatively titled ‘Airport,’ a slice-of-life film that is set to commence filming later this year. Additionally, Adhyayan expressed his desire to direct a film starring his father, Shekhar Suman.

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