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Adhyayan Suman Speaks Out: “Groupism And Campism Prevail In Bollywood”

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Adhyayan Suman, the son of the iconic actor Shekhar Suman, recently appeared on Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, where he shared his unfiltered thoughts on the challenges he has faced in the entertainment industry, his personal growth as an artist, and his exciting future projects. Known for his acting chops and musical talent, Adhyayan openly discussed the prevalence of groupism in the industry and the pressure as a starkid.

During the interview, Adhyayan acknowledged, “I think there is no industry which is fair to work with, the world is unfair.” He shed light on the existence of “groupism, campism, manipulation” in the industry, making it difficult for artists to secure opportunities. Adhyayan emphasized that it’s not easy to make a mark in the entertainment industry, regardless of one’s background as a starkid, outsider, or insider. He highlighted the challenges faced by actors who have given successful performances but struggle to find consistent work, stating, “There are actors who have given multiple failures but getting back to back films while some who have given incredible movies are sitting at home since 10 years.”

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Reflecting on the pressures of being a star kid, Adhyayan shared, “I am a star kid and people will always compare me to my father. But, people need to understand that the talent my father has, I may not be able to match up even in the 10 generations.” He emphasized his focus on creating a niche for himself and expressed contentment with his personal growth as an artist. Adhyayan acknowledged his own journey, stating, “I am doing Okay, few success, few failures to my credit, but there has been a massive growth in me as an artist.” He expressed gratitude for the support he receives from fans, emphasizing that he is more than just Shekhar Suman’s son.

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Adhyayan recently released his music video “Wanna Be With You,” receiving widespread praise. Discussing his future plans, Adhyayan revealed, “I have so many projects as an actor this year. I am working with the biggest filmmaker in the country in the biggest show produced in India right now.” He also mentioned completed projects, including “Conman” and “Interact,” set for release on OTT platform. Adhyayan further hinted at his upcoming debut in South Indian cinema. His career continues to flourish across multiple creative avenues.

In his candid interview with Jay-Ho! In The Jay Kumar Show, Adhyayan fearlessly addressed the unfairness and challenges prevalent in the entertainment industry. As a starkid, he acknowledged the pressures of living up to his father’s legacy while striving to establish his own unique path. Adhyayan’s unwavering determination and continuous growth as an artist showcase his commitment to carving his own identity in the industry, separate from his father’s illustrious career.

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