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Aditya Narayan Celebrates His Iconic Father, Udit Narayan, On Father’s Day

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Aditya Narayan, the talented singer and television host, holds his father, Udit Narayan, in the highest regard. With Father’s Day coinciding with his parents’ anniversary, Aditya had double the reason to celebrate their enduring love and his father’s exceptional presence in his life.

From Udit Narayan’s famous rendition of “Papa Kehte Hain” that made him everyone’s favorite dad, Aditya acknowledges the immense impact his father’s legacy has had on him. Aditya shares, “I’ve tried to live up to his expectations.”

Reflecting on their cherished bond, Aditya recalls the journey of their father-son relationship. He admires his father’s unique qualities, describing him as both loving and protective during his childhood. However, when Aditya expressed his passion for the arts and singing, Udit transformed into a devoted taskmaster, pushing him to his limits. Aditya now understands that those challenges were for his own growth and success.

Aditya proudly reveals the qualities he has inherited from his father, especially the value of hard work and perseverance. Udit’s dedication and patience have been instrumental in achieving success and garnering the adoration of millions. Aditya admires his father’s humility, recognizing that Udit knows his worth when it comes to his music, but doesn’t feel the need to boast about it.

The birth of Aditya’s daughter has revealed a softer side of Udit as a doting grandpa. Aditya is moved by the way his father adores his granddaughter and constantly talks about her. 

Acknowledging Udit’s evolution as a husband and family man, Aditya cherishes the present phase of their lives. With Udit now having more time for his family, Aditya finds joy in seeing his father content and proud of his own achievements. Aditya hopes to make his father even prouder and aspire to his level of wit and humor one day.

Expressing his love and admiration, Aditya concludes, “Papa kehte hain bada naam karega indeed!” He envisions a long life for his father, just like his grandparents who lived beyond 100, and desires to continue witnessing Udit’s happiness and pride.

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