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Akshay Kumar pens an emotional note on wife Twinkle Khanna’s Graduation Day!

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Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar recently took to Instagram to express his heartfelt congratulations to his wife, Twinkle Khanna, as she successfully graduated from the University of London with a Masters in Fiction Writing. In a touching note, Akshay praised Twinkle’s dedication and hard work, acknowledging her as a “superwoman.” On these days of easy breakups and non-committed relationships, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have been one of those star couples who can serve as a great example to the young generation. Twinkle and Akshay evidently share a very friendly, supportive and strong loving bond for over two decades. Let’s take a closer look at Akshay’s emotional message and Twinkle’s response.

Akshay’s Emotional Note

On Tuesday, 16 January, Akshay Kumar shared his pride and admiration for his wife’s remarkable achievement. He revealed how two years ago, when Twinkle expressed her desire to pursue further studies, he had wondered if she was serious. However, witnessing Twinkle’s relentless efforts in maintaining a balanced life as a student, homemaker, and supporting Akshay’s career and their children, he realized he had married a true superwoman.

In his note, Akshay expressed regret for not being able to find enough words to adequately convey his pride and love for Twinkle on her special day. Alongside the heartfelt message, he posted a picture of himself with Twinkle, showcasing her in a graduation cap and black gown.

Twinkle’s Grateful Response

Moved by Akshay’s loving words, Twinkle responded with gratitude and affection. She acknowledged her luck in having a partner who not only encourages her to chase her dreams but is also there to pick her up when she stumbles. In a light-hearted manner, Twinkle humorously admitted to falling quite often, playfully hinting at her occasional missteps.

As the couple celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary the following day, Twinkle expressed her appreciation for Akshay’s unwavering support throughout their journey together.

Twinkle’s Graduation Day Celebration

Twinkle Khanna exuberantly shared her excitement and joy on Instagram, posting a video clip from her graduation ceremony. Reminiscing about her first day at Goldsmiths, she described it as a mix of both yesterday and years ago.

Twinkle described the day as perfect, with the sun shining brightly, wearing a beautiful sari, and having her family by her side. She expressed her belief that personal growth often requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone and encouraged herself and others to strive for growth in various aspects of life.

For the unawares, Twinkle Khanna is the elder daughter of legendary actors Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia. She started a career in Bollywood as an actress but couldn’t achieve much success. After getting a lineup of big banner films that tanked at the box office, Twinkle left her film career and focused on her marriage and children. But much later she started pursuing her childhood passion of writing and began as a columnist and then turned to a celebrated author. Her doing a Masters in Fiction Writing from the University of London further establishes her passion and seriousness as a writer. 


Akshay Kumar’s emotional note for his wife, Twinkle Khanna, on her graduation from the University of London with a Masters in Fiction Writing, exemplifies the unwavering support and love shared between the couple. Twinkle’s determination and dedication to pursue further studies while managing a fulfilling personal life is commendable. This graduation not only symbolizes Twinkle’s academic achievement but also serves as a reminder of the importance of continuous growth and support within a relationship.

Congratulations to Twinkle Khanna on her remarkable accomplishment, and may she continue to inspire others with her passion and determination in the field of fiction writing.

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