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Amber Heard Declared The Most Beautiful Person In The World But This Model Scores More

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The stunning Hollywood actress Amber Heard was previously in the news for the defamation lawsuit she was involved in with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Amber is back in the spotlight, but for an entirely different cause. She has indeed been labeled the world’s most beautiful person.

Yes, you read it right. According to Greek Golden Ratio, her face feature is the most perfect. Her morphological traits, as measured by the Greek Golden Ratio, are the most ideal, surpassing those of other stunning ladies worldwide.

Using the Greek face mapping technology “Phi,” British surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva from The Center for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in London concluded Amber has the most beautiful face in the world.

What is Greeks’ Golden Ratio? 

According to the ancient Greeks’ Golden Ratio, Phi, a Greek mapping procedure also referred as the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty, has a quantitative score of 1.618. This ratio is affirmatively used to identify the most gorgeous face. Furthermore, the closer an object’s proportions are to phi, the more perfectly balanced they will appear. 

Dr. Silva analyzed a photograph of Amber Heard from 2016 and concluded that the actress’s face attributes were the nearest at 91.85 percent. Dr. Silva assessed the spacing between her eyes, lips, and nose utilizing 12 points of the Greek Golden Ratio.

Bella Hadid, not Amber, scores the highest

The similar algorithm discovered Selena Gomez the sexiest, Scarlett Johansson has the most gorgeous eyes, model-actress Emily Ratajkowski has the most alluring lips, Kim Kardashian has the finest eyebrows, and Kate Moss has the optimum forehead. Bella Hadid received the highest assessment on this list, with a score of 94.35, trailed by Beyonce (92.44), Amber Heard (91.85), and Ariana Grande (91.81).

Amber is outnumbered by the most attractive man

In contrast, Robert Pattinson is marginally more attractive than Heard, scoring 92.15 percent, making him the most appealing person in the world.

The infamous Heard & Depp slander case

The defamation case against Johnny Depp put Amber Heard in the news recently.However, Johnny was substantially the beneficiary in this case. Johnny received a hefty sum of 15 million dollar award against Amber for maligning him. Despite this news, Amber Heard has led headlines due to her appearance.

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