Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur’s Debut Together: A New Era for Scott Eyewear

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Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur, two beloved faces of Bollywood, have teamed up for the first time in an advertisement campaign. This marks a significant moment for Scott Eyewear as they welcome Aditya into their family as the latest brand ambassador alongside Ananya.

Ananya and Aditya’s Relationship:An Unofficial Romance

While neither Ananya nor Aditya have officially confirmed their relationship, their frequent appearances together have sparked speculation. Their close bond became more evident after Aditya’s appearance on Koffee With Karan Season 8 last year. Despite maintaining privacy, their chemistry speaks volumes, leaving fans intrigued about their off-screen connection.

Ananya and Aditya’s First Ad Campaign: Twinning in Style

In their inaugural ad campaign for Scott Eyewear, Ananya and Aditya exude charm and style. Their photo, shared recently, captures them donning matching purple outfits and sporting sleek sunglasses, showcasing Scott Eyewear’s latest collection. It’s a refreshing sight for fans to witness this new duo bringing their own flair to the brand.

Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur

Reddit’s Reaction: Sidharth Malhotra’s Replacement Stir

The news of Aditya replacing Sidharth Malhotra in the campaign stirred up discussions on Reddit. Many users expressed surprise and disappointment over Sidharth’s departure, who had been associated with the brand for some time. Some speculated about the reasons behind the change, questioning the decision to replace Sidharth with Aditya.

Ananya and Aditya’s Relationship Speculations: From Rumors to Reality

Speculations about Ananya and Aditya’s romance have been circulating since they were spotted together at various events and gatherings. The rumors gained traction after their joint appearance at Kriti Sanon’s Diwali party in 2022. Subsequent hints from industry insiders, including Karan Johar, further fueled the gossip mill. Paparazzi sightings of the duo both locally and internationally have only added to the intrigue surrounding their relationship.

Conclusion: A New Chapter Begins

As Ananya Panday and Aditya Roy Kapur embark on this new journey together with Scott Eyewear, it marks not only a professional collaboration but also an exploration of their personal connection. While the speculation surrounding their relationship continues, their fans eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for this dynamic duo, both on-screen and off.

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