Anu Malik Thrilled as ‘San Sanana’ from Asoka Goes Viral!

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Anu Malik, the renowned musician, is currently experiencing a wave of joy and nostalgia as his song “San Sanana” from the 2001 film Aśoka is trending online. This song, performed by the talented Alka Yagnik and Hema Sardesai, has captured the attention of a global audience. With over 500,000 Reels and more than a million views, it’s clear that “San Sanana” has made a significant impact across social media platforms.

“San Sanana” has become particularly popular among makeup enthusiasts who are using the song in their videos, showcasing traditional Indian looks while staying in rhythm with the music. This resurgence of interest has brought the song back into the limelight, much to Anu Malik’s delight.

Anu Malik  Shared The Journey of Creating ‘San Sanana’

Reflecting on the song’s creation, Anu Malik recalls the extensive process involved in finalizing the tune. “When I was working on the music for the movie, I must’ve hummed numerous tunes to Santosh Sivan, the director, and he rejected them. He was very clear that this music had to be something very different from what we have heard before,” Malik explains. His dedication and persistence paid off when they finally settled on the now-iconic tune.

A Proud Moment for Anu Malik

The moment of realization for Anu Malik came when his daughter, Anmol Malik, showed him the viral Reels. “My daughter, Anmol, showed me the Reels and said, ‘Papa, your song has gone viral’. This project is very close to my heart because it featured Shah Rukh Khan,” Malik shares. His emotional connection to the project, combined with the song’s success, has made this a particularly rewarding experience for him.

Anu Malik believes that the timeless quality of “San Sanana” contributes to its current popularity. “It has got a breezy tune, and even today, people wearing lovely gowns walking the red carpet or doing their makeup, the song goes well with whatever they are doing,” he says. The melody, lyrics, and overall vibe of the song have struck a chord with today’s generation, who may not have been familiar with it before.

A Trend of Hindi Songs Going Viral

This isn’t the first time Hindi music has trended online. In recent years, songs like “O Saki Saki” from Batla House (2019), “Kesariya” from Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva (2022), “Maan Meri Jaan” by King, and “Jalebi Baby” by Tesher and Jason Derulo have also gone viral, showing the enduring appeal of Hindi music across different audiences.

Anu Malik’s “San Sanana” from Aśoka has proven to be a timeless hit, resonating with audiences old and new. The song’s viral success is a rewarding experience for Malik, highlighting the lasting impact of his work in the music industry. As “San Sanana” continues to trend, it serves as a reminder of the power of good music to transcend time and connect with people across generations.

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