Anushka Sharma Shares Joyful Moment on Instagram First Time After Welcoming Baby Akaay!!

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Anushka Sharma, a famous actor, recently shared a happy moment on Instagram after the birth of her son, Akaay. She had been away from social media for a while but came back with a beautiful picture from London, where she and her husband, Virat Kohli, spent time as a family.

Anushka Sharma is Back on Instagram

After welcoming their second child, Akaay, in February, Anushka was not active on social media for some time. But on a Thursday, she surprised her fans with a candid photo of herself smiling brightly. The picture showed her relaxed and glowing, seated on a cushion in what seemed to be a balcony surrounded by greenery.

An Insight into Her Life

In the picture, Anushka was endorsing a smartphone brand, but what caught everyone’s attention was her genuine happiness. She wore an oversized white shirt and blue jeans, looking comfortable and content. She shared that she was enjoying some morning sun and reading time, starting her day on a positive note.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli.

Fans’ Reactions

Anushka’s fans were thrilled to see her back on social media. They quickly flooded the comments section with expressions of love and admiration. Some called her “Anushka Bhabhi” affectionately, while others praised her appearance and the peaceful vibe of the photo.

Family Time Away from the Spotlight

Anushka and Virat have been focusing on their family away from the public eye. Virat, who had taken a break from cricket, spoke about their two-month period of privacy and relaxation. He mentioned how they were in a place where they could just be themselves, away from the constant attention they usually receive.


Anushka Sharma’s return to Instagram after the birth of her son Akaay brought joy to her fans. Her simple yet radiant picture captured a moment of peace and happiness in her life as she embraced motherhood once again. With her family by her side, Anushka continues to find joy in the little moments of life, away from the glamour of the spotlight.

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