Arhaan Khan’s Debut Podcast “Dumb Biryani”: A Fun-filled Ride with Celeb Friends

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Arhaan Khan, the son of Bollywood stars Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan, is stepping into the world of podcasts with his exciting new venture titled “Dumb Biryani.” This podcast promises to be a rollercoaster of laughter and insights, featuring Arhaan’s celebrity friends and family.

Introducing “Dumb Biryani”

Arhaan Khan recently unveiled a teaser for his upcoming podcast, “Dumb Biryani.” In this teaser, viewers got a sneak peek into the fun-filled world of Arhaan and his pals, including his close friend Orry, and surprise appearances from industry heavyweight Salman Khan.

Teaser Highlights

The teaser kicks off with Arhaan and his friends sharing laughs in a cab ride, setting the tone for the podcast’s playful vibe. Orry, a central figure in the teaser, adds to the jovial atmosphere with his contagious giggles and a refreshing coconut water in hand.

Arhaan humorously admits to having no clue about the podcast’s direction, adding to the anticipation surrounding the show’s debut.

Arhaan Khan

Family Insights

Notably, Arhaan’s parents, Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan, also make appearances in the teaser, offering glimpses into their dynamic personalities. Arbaaz’s playful banter with Arhaan’s friends showcases a lighthearted father-son relationship, while Malaika’s candid confusion over a mysterious question card adds to the podcast’s intrigue.

Special Guest: Salman Khan

Towards the end of the teaser, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan makes a memorable entrance, spreading his trademark charm and adding star power to the podcast. While his exact words remain indistinct due to background music, Salman’s presence undoubtedly amplifies the excitement surrounding “Dumb Biryani.”

Celebrity Reactions

The teaser garnered enthusiastic reactions from industry peers, with renowned filmmaker Karan Johar predicting its success, affirming that “Dumb Biryani” is poised to make waves in the podcasting world. Kareena Kapoor also joined in the chorus of praise, congratulating Arhaan on his exciting new venture.

Arhaan Khan: A Rising Star

Arhaan Khan, born in 2002 to Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan, has already made waves in the entertainment industry. Despite his young age, Arhaan’s passion for filmmaking led him to pursue studies in the United States. His stint as an assistant to Karan Johar on a recent film project further solidified his credentials in the industry.


“Dumb Biryani” promises to be a delightful treat for listeners, offering a unique blend of laughter, celebrity insights, and unexpected surprises. With Arhaan Khan at the helm and a star-studded lineup of guests, this podcast is poised to captivate audiences and carve out a special place in the world of audio entertainment. Stay tuned for the full release of “Dumb Biryani” and get ready to embark on a joyous journey with Arhaan and his friends.

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