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Baba Sehgal Will Set The Stage On Fire! He’s Coming To Live In Major Indian Cities

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Baba Sehgal, India’s first rapper has recently announced his No Bullsh*t tour to 5 Indian cities on Instagram. This September, he is going to perform live in 5 Indian cities – Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore and Pune.

Baba entered the entertainment industry as a rap artist. In 2006 the public watched him as a contestant in Bigg Boss, the popular Indian reality TV show. His first music album was Dilruba (1990). After that, he did Alibaba (1991). Baba’s humongous hit music album was Thanda Thanda Pani (1992) which was declared as the first smash-hit Indian rap album, selling 5 million cassettes of the time.

Baba Sehgal, a B. Tech graduate, took music seriously. His flamboyant personality, open voice, and unique style of singing attracted him to a wide audience worldwide. His energetic attitude and full-on performance at any concert are what his fans adore about him. At the age of 57, Baba gave an incredible performance on stage. He is an expert in Hip-hop, Indipop, Bollywood, and regional songs. Some of his popular numbers include –  Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Jaa, Jalsa Jalsa, Dekho Dekho, Baba Deewana, Rukmani Rukmani, Oole Oolele, Manjul, K Main Jhooth Boleyan, Oh Sexy Mama, Rihanna O Rihanna, among others.

Here’s Baba’s September tour schedule:

Sep 15 – Fandom, Bangalore

Sep 22 – Xora, Hyderabad

Sep 23 – Obello, Bhopal

Sep 24 – Talk About It, Indore

Sep 30 – One8 Commune, Pune

“Raat ke baad din hoga,

Punya ke baad sin hoga,

ATM ke baad pin hoga,

Don’t give up my friend so quickly kyunki lose ke baad WIN hoga.”

–        Baba Sehgal

If you stick around any of these 5 cities in September, do join Baba in his super-energetic gigs. It’s always incredible to see him perform, better to say, shake a leg with him. There’ll be a mad crowd out there in his concerts! Are you ready to jive with them? Tickets are exclusively available on Paytm Insider.  

By: Ishita Ganguly

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