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Baba Sehgal’s Musical Sojourn In Tollywood, Says, ‘’Telugu Film Industry Gave Me A Second Chance’

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The OG King of Rap in India, the rapper who gets loads of love and respect, the man who brings a smile to all through his music- these are the perfect description for the original Baba of rap, Baba Sehgal. Recently, we, at Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, were lucky to sit with him for a tet-a-tete and know more about Baba’s innings in the Tollywood, the Telugu film industry. 

When discussing his involvement in the Telugu movie industry, he said, “I am very active in the Telugu film industry, having lent my voice to over 200 songs in Telugu cinema as a playback singer. I have contributed my vocals to approximately 30-35 Tamil songs, and around 10-15 songs in Kannada. While my Punjabi accent might be there in the songs, I’ve been fortunate to receive an abundance of love and respect from the Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada film industries.”

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Singing his way into the hearts of superstars like Pawan Kalyan, Baba Sehgal carved a unique niche for himself down South, earning him the moniker “power singer.” In a heartwarming revelation, Baba Sehgal shared his fondness for Hyderabad, a city that has embraced him warmly. His connection with the Telugu film industry runs deep, and he expressed, “The Telugu film industry has given me a second chance in my career, and I hold them in high regard. It’s been a wonderful journey of 23 years.”

Baba Sehgal’s journey in Tollywood is a remarkable tale soaked with love, respect, and melodies that transcend language barriers. His enduring influence in the industry showcases not only his talent but also the power of his positive energy. Stay tuned for more insights from our conversation, as we explore Baba Sehgal’s fitness regime and his profound views on happiness. The original Baba of rap continues to inspire, uplift, and spread joy through his timeless music.

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