Bhangra Fever Sweeps Korea: Daler Mehndi And The Bollywood Stars Who Became Korean Favorites

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The Korean entertainment, where K-pop and K-dramas have captivated audiences around the globe, there is a unique fascination for Indian entertainment. Among the numerous Bollywood stars who have gained immense popularity in Korea, one name stands out: Daler Mehndi, the iconic figure of Bhangra music. 

Daler Mehndi’s contributions to the world of music have been instrumental in his popularity in Korea. One of his most memorable tracks, “Tunak Tunak Tun,” became a viral sensation across the globe, including Korea. Released in the late 1990s, this upbeat Bhangra number showcased Daler’s signature style, catchy lyrics, and a vibrant music video that instantly struck a chord with audiences. The song’s popularity transcended borders and even served as the intro theme for a Korean TV show, further solidifying Daler Mehndi’s presence in the Korean entertainment scene.

Daler Mehndi continues to make waves with his latest track, “Chardi Kala,” which embodies the Sikh expression of a positive state of mind, triumphing over adversity. With his wife Taran Mehndi lending her vocals to the song, Daler Mehndi explores diverse musical genres, appealing to a wider audience both in India and abroad.

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Alongside Daler Mehndi, four other Indian celebrities have garnered massive fan followings in Korea. Shah Rukh Khan gained significant popularity in Korea following the success of his movie “My Name Is Khan.” Aamir Khan, renowned for his exceptional performances in films like “3 Idiots,” “Dangal,” and “Taare Zameen Par,” has also found immense success at the Korean box office, earning him a devoted fan base.

Abhishek Gupta, better known as Lucky, became a well-known TV personality in South Korea through his appearances on the talk-variety show “Non-Summit.” Another Indian celebrity who rose to fame in Korea is Anupam Tripathi, who gained global recognition for his role in the popular series “Squid Game” and has since become a beloved figure in the Korean entertainment industry.

These Indian stars have not only captivated Korean audiences with their talent but have also contributed to the growing cultural exchange between India and Korea, fostering a mutual appreciation for both nations’ entertainment industries.

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