Daler Mehndi

Bhangra King Daler Mehndi Holds Music In His Heart, Harbours Love Of Nature In Soul

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Daler Mehndi is a man of action in addition to words. He is not only the Bhangra icon of the Music Industry but also the life of parties. It is widely known that he embraces music, arts and entertainment industry. He is, however, also an ardent supporter of animals and the environment. Daler has long actively supported campaigns to protect the environment. He encourages living a wholesome life. 

Green Movement by Daler Mehndi

Citing Daler’s concern of the environment, he has so far planted millions of plants. In 1998, Daler Mehndi founded the Green Movement in response to his strong distaste for addictions and pollutants. He has advocated for a pure and clean environment for years, working tirelessly. He exhorts mankind to preserve Mother Earth.

Daler’s environment-friendly home

Daler has put this into practice in his home in addition to participating and encouraging others. He uses solar energy for household chores and has an environmentally friendly home. Daler also adores animals. Sharing his video with Jay-Ho The Jay Kumar Show, he delivered a heartfelt plea to show love and empathy for all living creatures. He asserted that God bestows the same soul on both humans and animals. Therefore, don’t despise animals or people who act like animals. You’ll discover that things in your life will transform.

Well it is no longer a secrecy that Daler values the environment and animals. He not only adds joy to people’s lives, but he also holds credit for the wellbeing of both people and animals.

CM of Haryana is honored in Daler Mehndi’s song

Recently he launched his song “Apna CM,” which reflects the progressive endeavors of the Haryana government led by chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar. Daler Mehndi’s distinctive flair is evident in both the song’s composition and performance. On this occasion, CM Manohar Laal Khattar stated that a film city will be established in Pinjore. Likewise, he vowed that a policy will be designed for artists to aid in the expansion of the entertainment industry.

Bhangra King Daler Mehendi stated that Haryana has made good strides in a range of aspects during the last several years. Furthermore, he dedicated his song ”Apna CM” to the chief minister and everyone else who contributed to the state’s significant accomplishment.

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