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Bigg Boss? Not For Adhyayan Suman, He Says, “I Will Never Be A Part Of Reality Shows”

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Actor-director Adhyayan Suman’s creative journey takes a unique trajectory with the release of the music album ‘Tu Meri Aashiqui,’ starring Neil Nitin Mukesh and Shreya Sharma. This multi-part album is a story of love, betrayal, and separation, reflecting Adhyayan’s storytelling artistic vision. Recently, in an interview, Adhyayan Suman offered insights into the album’s creation and his stance on entering the Bigg Boss house.

He affirmed, “I will never judge those who enter reality shows, but, regardless of life’s twists, I’ll never be a part of Bigg Boss or any other reality show. This is a sentiment I’ve expressed earlier as well.”

Adhyayan went on to reveal that he turned down lucrative reality show offers to remain dedicated to his true passion. He emphasized, “I’m not driven by money. I am here for the art I am here for the love of art and reality shows is something I will never do.”

Previously, he unveiled plans for his directorial debut, ‘Airport,’ a slice-of-life film set to commence filming soon. He also expressed a heartfelt wish to direct a film featuring his father, Shekhar Suman.

In a world where reality TV often takes spotlight, Adhyayan Suman’s journey describes his commitment to authentic storytelling. Through ‘Tu Meri Aashiqui’ and his cinematic aspirations, he showcases a love for his craft that remains unswayed by the allure of reality shows.

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