Chhaya Kadam Talks About Dancing at Cannes and Winning Big

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Chhaya Kadam, who starred in the film “All We Imagine As Light,” shared her experiences at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Speaking to PTI, she recalled the memorable moment when the film’s team danced on the red carpet. Along with Chhaya, the film’s director, Payal Kapadia, and co-stars Kani Kusruti and Divya Prabha also joined in the dance.

Chhaya revealed that someone from Mumbai teased her about their dance. She laughed it off and said, “Someone called and joked, ‘You were dancing as if you were in your courtyard.’ I replied, ‘Why not?’ Being part of the main competition after 30 years is a huge achievement, not to mention winning an award. Why follow protocol? We express our joy by dancing!”

According to Chhaya, the red carpet-dance was a spontaneous celebration. People around them joined in, creating a joyful atmosphere. Even the photographers encouraged them to keep dancing. Chhaya added, “There was so much happiness around. The fact that the film would win big was already in the air.” She also mentioned hearing the Marathi song “Gulabi Saree” when she stepped out of her car for the film’s premiere, adding to the festive mood.

Chhaya Kadam

The Film’s Success

“All We Imagine As Light” made history by becoming the first Indian film in 30 years to win the Grand Prix at Cannes, the second highest honor after the Palme d’Or. Directed by Payal Kapadia, the film stars Chhaya Kadam, Kani Kusruti, and Divya Prabha. It’s an India-French co-production that received rave reviews from international critics after its premiere.

About the Film

The movie is a Malayalam-Hindi feature that tells the story of Prabha, a nurse in Mumbai whose life is turned upside down when she receives a rice cooker from her estranged husband. Her roommate and colleague, Anu, struggles to find a private spot in the busy city to spend time with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Prabha’s best friend, Parvati (played by Chhaya), a widow, faces eviction from her home by property developers.

Chhaya Kadam’s Special Achievement

Winning at Cannes is a significant achievement for the team. It highlights the film’s impact and the hard work of everyone involved. The success of “All We Imagine As Light” is a proud moment for Indian cinema, showcasing the talent and creativity of its filmmakers and actors.

Chhaya Kadam’s experience at Cannes was filled with joy and celebration. The team’s impromptu dance on the red carpet symbolized their happiness and pride in their accomplishment. The film’s success at Cannes is a testament to the power of storytelling and the universal appeal of heartfelt cinema.

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