Choori Mukkebaaz

Choori Mukkebaaz: The Story Of World Champion Saweety Boora, India’s Boxing Sensation

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Saweety Boora, the name that has become synonymous with grit, determination, and perseverance. The Haryana girl who shook the world of boxing with her exceptional skills and unwavering determination. She left everyone mesmerized and inspired with her dedication and hard work.

And now, her journey is all set to be showcased in a documentary film called “Choori Mukkebaaz,” directed by Anoop Bishnoi. The film is all set to release on 6th May on Stage App, and the excitement amongst the audience is palpable.

The documentary promises to take us on a journey through Saweety’s life, from being a state-level kabaddi player to becoming one of the world’s top women boxers. It will showcase Saweety’s struggles, the obstacles she faced, and the determination that kept her going.

The film’s title, “Choori Mukkebaaz,” is a nod to Saweety’s signature move, the uppercut, which she calls “Choori.” The move that has become her trademark and has left her opponents reeling.

Through the documentary, we will get to see Saweety’s journey through her own eyes and the eyes of those who have been a part of her journey. It promises to be a heartwarming tale of a girl who never gave up and fought against all odds to achieve her dreams.

Saweety’s story is not just inspiring but also a reminder of the importance of believing in oneself and never giving up. The documentary will undoubtedly leave you feeling motivated and inspired to chase your own dreams.

Saweety, who recently clinched the gold medal at the 2023 IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships, has become a symbol of hope and inspiration for many. And with the release of the documentary, her story will now reach an even wider audience, inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams and overcome their obstacles.

So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and get ready to witness the story of Saweety Boora, the “Choori Mukkebaaz,” in all her glory, on the big screen. Get ready to be inspired, get ready to be motivated, and get ready to witness the journey of a true champion.

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