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‘A Place Where You Can Feel Happiness’, Comedian Sidharth Sagar Preps To Help Drug Addicts

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“Nobody has met the Supreme while depressed or sorrowful, but those who have met the divine have always been blissful and happy, because happiness is the way to everything.” These are encouraging and the words of hope from comedian Sidharth Sagar. It is an ambitious project for him to help others who are dealing with drug addiction. In a segment on Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Sidharth gave advice on how to support someone trying to quit a drug habit. Sidharth has been open and transparent on the show about his aspirations for creating a positive and safe space for them.

Talking to Jay Kumar, Sidharth said, “This location is only for self-discovery. This location will serve as a fun destination. Give yourself some time to get to know who you are; this is the spot for those who are searching for themselves. Nobody has ever met God while depressed or unhappy, but those who have are always blissful and euphoric since happiness is the path to everything. So, this facility will serve as a retreat for happiness, amusement, and entertainment.”

Rehab centers are scam: Sidharth Sagar

Additionally, he outlined his plan for implementing this great concept. “I wish to help people who are addicted and want to eliminate their addictions”, he continues. “I want to assist those families who are struggling as a result of a family member’s drug addiction. Everyone in the family is affected by this malady.” 

“My drug addiction has wrought a great deal of trouble for my family. And as a result, I’ve spent a lot of time in rehabilitation. I subsequently learned that opening a rehab facility was just a way for them to make money. The rehab’s proprietors are big scams. They are frauds since they won’t help you get sober or provide advice on how to beat addiction. They treat their parents harshly and they endure a lot of suffering. I’m referring to those rehab centers that make fools of people. Neither rehabs nor any type of medicine can ever be a solution. Addiction cannot be cured with any medication. Yes, occasionally this progresses to a point where medication becomes critical. Addiction, however, has no remedy.” 

Sidharth also discussed efforts that aid drug users in becoming clean. He discussed programs like Narcotic Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, and NA that support those striving to recover from addiction.

In addition to discussing his relationship, prospective projects, and health with Jay Kumar, comedian Sidharth Sagar was as frank about his personal life. Watch Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show on Youtube to discover Sidharth Sagar from a different perspective, a pleasant and upbeat interview segment. 

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