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Dalip Tahil Guides You Through Uttarakhand’s Spiritual Odyssey: Divine Trails Documentary

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Renowned Bollywood actor and versatile artist Dalip Tahil takes viewers on a captivating spiritual journey through the hidden treasures of Uttarakhand in the documentary DIVINE TRAILS. Premiered on 27 May on Discovery SD & HD at 7:10 PM and available on discovery+ starting 31 May, this immersive film explores Uttarakhand’s sacred destinations with Dalip Tahil’s enchanting narration.

From the awe-inspiring Kunjapuri temple to the mystical Adi Kailash and Om Parvat, viewers will be spellbound by the spiritual magnetism captured in the documentary. The film beautifully showcases the rich history and untold stories of these hidden gems, shedding light on their cultural significance and divine allure.

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Dalip Tahil, known for his powerful performances, expresses his gratification in working on Divine Trails and invites everyone to watch the documentary, crafted with devotion, in the hope that it inspires and paves the way for their own spiritual journeys.

In his latest social media post, Dalip Tahil shared a glimpse of his time at AR Rahman’s Pune concert. Alongside showcasing the enthusiastic crowd, he expressed his joyous meeting with the music maestro and captured the essence of Rahman’s live concert experience.

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So, don’t miss this opportunity to commence on a divine expedition with Dalip Tahil as your guide and discover the spiritual treasures of Uttarakhand in DIVINE TRAILS, and stay tuned for his exciting encounter with AR Rahman at the unforgettable Pune concert.

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