Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan : A Tale of Belief and Legacy

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In a heartwarming revelation, Vindu Dara Singh, the son of the late actor Dara Singh, shared a touching story about his father’s initial reluctance to play the iconic role of Hanuman in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan legendary TV series Ramayan. Dara Singh, a renowned figure in Indian cinema, expressed concerns about his age and the potential for audiences to find his portrayal amusing.

A Legacy in Doubt

Despite the numerous actors who have taken on the role of the mighty Hanuman, none have quite captured the essence of the character like Dara Singh did in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan. However, before he immortalized the role, Dara Singh hesitated. Vindu Dara Singh revealed that his father feared he might be too old to convincingly portray Hanuman. The thought of people laughing at his portrayal troubled him deeply.

A Director’s Faith

Yet, Ramanand Sagar saw something special in Dara Singh. Despite his reservations, the director persisted in his belief that Dara Singh was the perfect fit for the role. Even though Dara Singh initially wanted to decline the offer, Sagar’s unwavering conviction convinced him otherwise.

Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan

An Unexpected Dream

Vindu Dara Singh shared a poignant moment when his father visited Ramanand Sagar’s house to discuss the role. With determination, Sagar insisted on casting Dara Singh as Hanuman. However, Dara Singh expressed his doubts, suggesting that a younger actor would be more suitable for the part. Yet, Sagar recounted a dream he had, where he saw the entire cast assembled before him: Arun Govil as Lord Ram, Dipika Chikhlia as Sita, and Dara Singh as Hanuman. For Sagar, this dream was a divine directive, one that he couldn’t ignore.

A Divine Calling

Despite Dara Singh’s concerns, Ramanand Sagar believed that it was not a decision he could make on his own. He felt compelled to follow what he perceived as a divine order. With the cast seemingly preordained in his dream, Sagar was convinced that this was the path he was meant to follow. For him, casting Dara Singh as Hanuman was not just a directorial choice; it was fulfilling a higher purpose.

A Global Phenomenon

Ramayan went on to become not just a TV show but a cultural phenomenon. Its impact transcended borders, captivating audiences worldwide. The re-airing of the series during the 2020 lockdown brought it back into the limelight, breaking viewership records globally. Its enduring popularity solidified its place as the most-watched TV show in the world, cementing the legacy of Dara Singh’s portrayal of Hanuman.

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