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Durgesh Kumar Denounces Fake News: Panchayat’s Banrakas Debunks Marital Status Rumors

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In the world of showbiz, fame often comes with its own set of challenges. Durgesh Kumar, known for his role as ‘Banrakas’ in the popular web series Panchayat 2, has found himself in a unique dilemma. Despite his growing popularity, the actor is facing difficulties in finding a suitable life partner.

In a recent interview with AajTak, Durgesh Kumar opened up about the misinformation surrounding his personal life that has been circulating on social media since the release of Panchayat Season 2. Fake news claiming that he is married with two children has created obstacles for him in the marriage arena. Durgesh clarified that the viral pictures featuring him with kids are actually of his sisters, and he is currently single.

The actor expressed his concern about the impact this misinformation has had on his parents’ search for a potential match. People assume that he is already married, making it challenging to find a compatible partner. Durgesh shared his worries and hopes that the removal of these false reports from social media platforms will allow him to enjoy a blissful marital life.

Amidst these personal struggles, Durgesh Kumar also hinted about the third season of Panchayat. He revealed that the final schedule of the show will be completed in October, and he is grateful for the opportunities that Panchayat has brought his way in the entertainment industry.

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