Edward Sonnenblick

Edward Sonnenblick, RRR’s Notorious Villain: How A Backpacking Trip To India Launched His Acting Career

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Have you heard about the American actor who became the go-to guy for playing villainous Englishmen in Indian cinema? Meet actor Edward Sonnenblick, a man who went from natural-foods catering chef to notorious antagonist in Indian movies.

It all started after watching the Oscar-nominated epic film Lagaan, which sparked a newfound love for India in Edward’s heart. After a few months of backpacking and spiritual seeking, he realized that he couldn’t go back to the humdrum life he left behind in California. Instead, he decided to stay in India and pursue a career in acting.

But, how did he become the quintessential redcoat antagonist of Tollywood? Well, it was a business calculation, really. Edward saw a niche for someone like him, given the history of British colonialism in India. Plus, who wouldn’t want to play a tyrant in the movies?

Edward’s first few years in Bollywood were rough, as he struggled to break into the industry and deal with shady coordinators taking cuts from his paycheck. But he persevered and eventually landed his big break as an evil captain in the hit Indian TV Show Jhansi Ki Rani. From there, he became a staple in Indian television and film, playing everything from a cruel officer to a hunter of nationalist leaders.

Aside from acting, Edward also did commercial and voice-over work, showcasing his versatility as an actor. He even did some commercials and voice-over work, playing everything from Sherlock Holmes (in an ad for an online bookstore) to an Italian chef (Tandoori mayonnaise). 

But, Edward isn’t just a successful actor; he’s also a family man. In fact, he met his wife on his first job in India, a photo shoot for a bank ad. And, he now has a child and a thriving career in India, proving that sometimes taking a leap of faith can lead to unexpected and wonderful things.

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