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Ekavali Khanna’s Strong Stance, No To Regressive TV, Yes To Multi-Dimensional Roles

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Actress Ekavali Khanna’s captivating and nuanced portrayal in “Kohrra” has rightfully earned her acclaim, etching her presence in the hearts of audiences. With diverse roles in movies such as “Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain,” “Bombay Begums,” and more, she has carved a special place for herself. Whether on television or through OTT platforms, she has skillfully brought to life richly textured female characters.

In a recent interview, Ekavali Khanna shared insights into her artistic choices and her philosophy on acting. While discussing her approach to television, she candidly explains, “Television in India often falls into the domain of women. However, I’ve turned down roles due to regressive content and one-dimensional female characterizations. If shows like ‘Buniyaad’ or ‘Tamas’ were in the present, I’d eagerly embrace them.”

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Talking about her role in “Kohrra” and the motivation for accepting it, Ekavali states, “The character’s impact and layers drew me to the role, despite its brevity. The complexity and journey of the character provided a canvas for me to showcase my craft.”

During a prior appearance on “Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show,” Ekavali highlighted her acting philosophy. She stresses the importance of continuous self-reinvention for an actor, both for personal growth and to surprise the audience. Her performances are vehicles for unveiling new dimensions, leaving audiences captivated and intrigued.

Ekavali Khanna’s discerning choice of roles highlights her dedication to meaningful storytelling. Her commitment to authenticity and exploration enriches the world of entertainment.

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