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Exploring The Emotional Depths Of “Siya” With Vineet Kumar Singh

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“Siya,” directed by Manish Mundra and starring Vineet Kumar Singh and Pooja Pandey, is set to premiere on June 16 on Zee5. In an exclusive interview, Vineet Kumar Singh shared his insights and memorable moments while working on the film.

Having previously collaborated with Drishyam Films on acclaimed projects like “Masaan” and “Aankhon Dekhi,” Vineet expressed his enthusiasm for joining “Siya.” Trusting Drishyam’s reputation for creating remarkable films, he accepted the role without reading the script, confident in its potential impact.

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Vineet acknowledged the film’s hard-hitting storyline and its goal of reaching the audience. During intense scenes, the cast synchronized their emotions for authentic performances, while lighter moments were approached with humor to create a positive atmosphere on set.

One incident during the shoot left a lasting impression on Vineet. Reflecting on a fort sequence, he found himself contemplating the harsh realities faced by victims of heinous crimes, deepening his commitment to “Siya’s” impactful storytelling.

Vineet emphasized the importance of telling stories like “Siya” to raise awareness and provoke meaningful discussions. He highlighted the need to keep the dialogue alive beyond brief public attention and work towards lasting change. Through projects that deliver strong messages, Vineet aspires to contribute to a society where justice prevails.

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“Siya” follows the journey of Siya, a brave small-town girl fighting against oppressive patriarchy after a traumatic incident of kidnapping and rape. Produced by Drishyam Films, the film sheds light on the psychological and physical struggles faced by the protagonist and the hurdles that obstruct timely justice for influential perpetrators.

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