Faridkot Band Jehda Nasha

Faridkot Band Reveals The Viral Phenomenon Of ‘Jehda Nasha’

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Back in 2022, social media was bombarded with many viral songs inspiring reels, dancing routines, cover songs, hellotunes, and commercials. One of these songs was “Jehda Nasha” by the Faridkot band, which had a peppy Punjabi melody that one couldn’t stop humming. There are thousands of reels made on their song Jehda Nasha, and a few months ago, the video song featuring actor Ayushmann Khurrana and Nora Fatehi was released. Moreover, the Indie style track appealed to all age groups. Recently, Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show got in touch with two members of the Faridkot band, singer IP Singh and guitarist Rajarshi Sanyal. The two artists opened up on the song’s creation and how it came to be a blockbuster hit in this the fun conversation. Let’s explore the recipe of Jehda Nasha and how the Faridkot band’s version came to be so well-known.

Talking to host Jay Kumar, IP Singh and Rajarshi Sanyal stated that Jehda Nasha’s popularity is a great confidence booster for them. Speaking on the making and marketing of the song Rajarshi says, “So, in 5 days we made the song, just one thing after the other and another. In July 2019 we made the song and in October it was released. There were people who listened to it, but it was a niche number of people, like their channel was not very huge. Out of the blue, one day some people called us. They asked us if they could use our song for their advertisement. While it was an amazing and big thing, the traction and audience feeling of the song was scattered. That advertisement, however, brought a lot of traffic on the original song. One ad featuring the song and a person pouring tea had 10 million views.”

From here on, the public began to love the song and numbers to start snowballing into a sensation. Though the Faridkot band had to wait for this popularity, suddenly everything turned around and the band became stars overnight. 

Talking about the marketing of the song, Rajarshi says, “For something to get viral or a demand on a broad platform, it really boils down to marketing. In bollywood, when they release something the ad or song or anything has a known face to it, these things add up for sure. In India, this has been a part of our culture. The face value. It’s just what it is. You have to figure your way out.” Agreeing to which IP Singh says, “It’s very simple, there are two ways of marketing- make a song and sell it, now how you sell it that matters.” 

Both IP Singh and Rajarshi Sanyal talked in length about their other songs and how they became a part of the music world. Both the artists are from engineering colleges but, they turned out to be talented musicians who have taken step towards fulfilling their potential.

Stay posted to Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show and watch some more unheard facts about the Faridkot band and their songs.

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