Sonali Kulkarni

From Acting To Becoming An Accidental Producer, Sonali Kulkarni Talks About Her Unlikely Journey

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Actors often venture into production but few can say of coming to production accidentally. National award winning actress Sonali Kulkarni is one of them who once produced White Lilly and Night Rider as a promise to her friend.

It was in 2014 when Sonali Kulkarni founded her production company, Sokul, and produced the plays White Lily & Night Rider in Marathi and Hinglish. She also performed in both of them and in a recent conversation with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, she shared how the idea emerged in her mind. 

Speaking on her journey as a producer, Sonali said, “I have been an investor all through my life. I have never accounted how much I have invested when it comes to my films and plays”. She also spoke about she likes having rich sets since a rich set is best able to convey authenticity- be it her preference for a perfect bedspread or nice costumes for her co-star or spending to book a studio.” However, when she became a producer, she promised her friend Rasika Joshi to produce the plays White Lilly and Night Rider. Rasika has written the script with Milind Pathak, the play’s director and Sonali’s co-star as well. Sonali assured Rasika to give her best with respect to money but sadly, before Rasika could perform in the project, she passed away due to cancer. 

In that emotional moment, Milind one day invited Sonali to fulfill her dream and how they needed her onboard. “And that is how I became a producer. And, I enjoyed performing White Lilly and Night Rider, as much as I enjoy being a producer of this play” Sonali adds. Throughout the interview, Sonali’s passion for telling stories and writing and therefore acting shines through. “ When you share something about you as a character or as a person, the listener is already involved. I really like it.” Sonali also shared about how paying on time is her way of expressing gratitude to everyone involved in conveying a story, be it salaries, event payments, play payments. “I never like to make people wait.”

And thankfully, we at Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show also don’t like to make Sonali’s fans and our audience wait for more fun facts and tidbits on the gorgeous actress. Stay tuned to and we will drop yet another story on the talented Sonali Kulkarni very soon. 

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