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From Conservative Upbringing To Musical Stardom, Shweta Shetty Revisits Her Bollywood Journey, Set To Grace The Stage At NPAC

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Shweta Shetty, the enchanting singer who mesmerized audiences during the 1990s with her Pop songs, is all set to grace the stage in Mumbai once again. In an exclusive interview, she reflects on her musical journey and eagerly anticipates reconnecting with her fans after a considerable hiatus.

Looking back on her journey in the music industry, Shweta recalls her entry at a young age of 16 or 17. Despite having a conservative upbringing in the Shetty household, where nobody was associated with the entertainment industry, Shweta’s passion for singing and being on stage drove her forward. Singing was more than just a career choice; it was a joy and an expression of her love for music, a gift she inherited from her mother, who was also a talented singer.

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Starting out wasn’t easy, but Shweta’s talent and dedication paved the way for her success. She mentions that talent is the primary factor for a successful journey in the music industry and the key to sustaining it over time. Her hard work and talent earned her a loyal fan following, a testament to the unyielding support that Indian fans offer to their beloved artistes.

Now, Shweta is thrilled about her upcoming solo show at NCPA Legends, where she gets the opportunity to sing iconic songs by legendary singers like Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. The challenge lies in living up to the original renditions of these iconic performers, but Shweta is well-prepared and has dedicated five months to perfecting her setlist. Collaborating with a female band has empowered her, recognizing the strength and dynamism of like-minded women musicians coming together.

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The show on 22nd July promises to be a dream come true for Shweta, as she takes the spotlight and showcases her talent in a way she had always envisioned. Having performed at NCPA before, but always alongside others, this solo performance marks a special milestone in her career. As the grand event approaches, Shweta Shetty is ready to enchant her fans once again.

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