Shahid Mallya

From Crooner To Rockstar – Shahid Mallya’s Dagaabaazaa Transformation!

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Shahid Mallya, the heartthrob of music lovers, has always been a sensation in the music industry. His mesmerizing voice and his energetic performances on stage have won millions of hearts. But, his latest release “Dagaabaazaa” has taken the fans by storm, not just for his voice, but for his unique rockstar look that he carries in the video.

In this latest release, Shahid can be seen in a totally new avatar, dressed in a black leather jacket and black pants, with black goggles. He is seen dancing to the beats of the song with complete synchronization, which is enough to make anyone groove to the music.

The video features the stunning Karishma Sharma, who looks equally enchanting in the video. Shahid’s voice blends perfectly with the rap by Deane Sequeira, and the lyrics by Ashok Punjabi.

Fans have been raving about Shahid Mallya’s new look in the video. His black leather jacket and pants combo, along with the black goggles, adds to the mystique and enigma of the video. Shahid’s fans have praised him for his bold fashion choices and his confidence to carry them off with ease.

But, it’s not just about the looks, Shahid’s voice in “Dagaabaazaa” is something that has captured everyone’s attention. His mesmerizing vocals add a unique dimension to the song, and it’s no wonder that the fans are going gaga over it. 

Shahid Mallya has once again proved that he is not just a singer but a complete performer who can rock the stage and dazzle his fans with his new look. 

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