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Groupism In The Music Industry? Abhijeet Sawant States, “People Like To Work With Friends.”

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Nepotism has brought Bollywood a lot of flak. People contend that Bollywood favors starkids and encourages nepotism rather than giving newbies a chance. The music industry has also been subject to similar accusations of ‘groupism’. Many singers claim that music directors and composers steer clear of working with novices. For one chance at playback singing, a new artist has to strive diligently. Although Jay-Ho! neither endorses nor refutes these allegations, they are just that—claims. Abhijeet Sawant, the first Indian Idol and well-known singer, continued to discuss the subject while expressing his perspective on “groupism.” He shared his thoughts with Jay Kumar during their conversation about whether or not the music industry has groupism and whether or not the music industry ignores the beginners.

According to Abhijeet, he feels that there isn’t any groupism in industry. People love to work in a friendly environment with friends and in a comfort zone. Continuing his thoughts he says, ‘When I started working with music directors, I had good and friendly relations with them, so, I personally realized that a singer or an artist like to work with their friends and like to be in the comfort zone. I won’t say that it is groupism in my opinion, but if I have to go to work, I will first ask my friends. Now, I want a welcoming atmosphere when I perform. A musician’s sole weapon is their mind. He won’t be able to work the magic in the song if his mind isn’t in the correct place. Consequently, I wouldn’t characterize it as groupism, but it is this way only if you want to start ablaze. I have a vague belief that whatever I receive is sufficient. It has my approval. It is similar to working with people you feel comfortable around.

Whether it’s groupism or nepotism, it has always been a hotly debated tinsel town whisper. Abhijeet Sawant has been blessed to have a positive aura surrounding him in this aspect. The musician is currently concentrating on his own songs as he looks ahead to his future pursuits. He launched new music videos last year. Sharing the shooting location of his music videos, he said that while he was in Uzbekistan for a performance, he shot his video too.

Abhijeet Sawant spoke candidly about his journey following Indian Idol, including the highs and lows he experienced, in the interview. He also said that although he wasn’t often seen on screen, he was never out of work. He used to perform 8 to 9 concerts each month, which brought in good money. Watch Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show to learn amazing insights about the charismatic and musical vocalist Abhijeet Sawant’s life.

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