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“I Will Never Quit Hosting,” Aditya Narayan’s Everlasting Affair With Hosting And Music

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Renowned singer and the charming host, Aditya Narayan, has made a spectacular comeback to the stage that shot him to fame – “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.” Having previously hinted at taking a step back from hosting to focus on his singing, Aditya’s return has sparked curiosity among fans. In an interview, Aditya opened up about the reasons that prompted him to once again embrace the world of hosting.

Aditya, who has been a seasoned host for 17 years, is known for his dynamic presence and infectious energy on television. While he had expressed his desire to explore other interests, he never completely ruled out the possibility of returning to the hosting arena. A favorable offer from “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” and the opportunity to balance it with his schedule paved the way for his eagerly-awaited return.

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“I have been hosting shows for 17 years now and have given it my 100 per cent. But I have been wanting to focus on other things too. However, it wasn’t like I had said I would never host again. If a good offer comes my way and I have the time, then why not? If the makers of a show are willing to work out my dates to suit my schedule, I will take it up. Also, I am a popular host on TV and it is a lucrative profession,” says Aditya.

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While dedicating ample time to his music and other passions, Aditya had taken a break from hosting, having wrapped up his last show’s shoot in March. This pause allowed him to explore different avenues and prioritize his musical aspirations. However, Aditya reassures his fans that he will never abandon the television industry or hosting.

In a previous interview, Aditya highlighted the evolving landscape of playback singing. He expressed his preference for collaborative projects rather than signing long-term contracts. 

Now, with his return to hosting “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa,” fans eagerly look forward to witness more of his magnetic charm on the television screen once again.  

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