Indian Actors All Praise For Jawan: Kangana Ranaut Calls Shah Rukh Khan ‘Cinema God’

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What with the jaw-dropping opening, fans as well as actors around the country are amazed by Shah Rukh Khan’s feat in Jawan. Kangana Ranaut has shared a poster of Jawan on her recent Instagram story and wrote a lengthy note about SRK praising the actor mentioning, “SRK is the cinema God that India needs not just for hugs or dimples but for some serious world saving as well. Bowing down to your perseverance, hard work and humility King Khan.” She has also sent a congratulatory message to the entire team of Jawan. 

Telugu megastar Mahesh Babu tweeted, “The aura, charisma and screen presence of @iamsrk are unmatched. He’s on fire here!! Jawan will break his own records…how cool is that!! Stuff of the legends.” 

It’s only true that great artists inspire other greats. With Jawan, Shahrukh proved once again he is the Badshah of Bollywood. 

By Ishita Ganguly

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