Ishaan Khatter and Chandni Bainz: A Romantic Movie Date in Mumbai

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Love was definitely in the air as Bollywood heartthrob Ishaan Khatter and his girlfriend, Chandni Bainz, stepped out for a cozy movie date in Mumbai. The couple, who have been together for some time now, were spotted enjoying each other’s company on a Saturday evening.

A Night at the Movies

Ishaan Khatter and Chandni Bainz chose to spend their evening at the movies, indulging in one of their favorite pastimes. As they exited the theatre, Ishaan, with a mask covering half his face, and Chandni, flashing a radiant smile, were captured by eager paparazzi. Holding hands, they made their way to a waiting car, demonstrating their affection for each other with every step.

Stylish Yet Casual

Despite the casual setting, both Ishaan and Chandni looked effortlessly stylish. Ishaan opted for a beige T-shirt paired with brown pants, sneakers, and a cap, exuding a cool and laid-back vibe. Chandni, on the other hand, rocked a pink crop top paired with blue jeans and white sneakers, complemented by her chic glasses.

Ishaan Khatter and Chandni’s Relationship

While Ishaan and Chandni prefer to keep their romance private, their occasional public appearances have not gone unnoticed. Their relationship first made headlines in September 2023, and since then, they’ve been spotted together at various events in Mumbai. From attending movie screenings to celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner, the duo has been inseparable.

Ishaan Khatter with girlfriend Chandi

Meet Chandni Bainz

Chandni Bainz, the apple of Ishaan Khatter’s eye, hails from Kuala Lumpur and currently resides in Mumbai. A talented model, Chandni’s Instagram bio proudly proclaims her as a ‘fashion model based in Malaysia/India.’ However, her aspirations extend beyond the runway.

In a candid interview, Chandni shared her ultimate dream—to star in a Netflix Original movie or series. Her love for Netflix knows no bounds, and she harbors hopes of representing Malaysia on the global stage of Hollywood and Bollywood. Fluent in four languages—Punjabi, Malay, English, and Hindi—Chandni’s versatility and ambition know no bounds.


As Ishaan Khatter and Chandni Bainz continue to paint the town red with their love, fans eagerly await more glimpses into their beautiful relationship. Despite their preference for privacy, their affectionate gestures and public outings speak volumes about their bond. With dreams as big as Chandni’s and hearts as full as theirs, this dynamic duo is undoubtedly destined for greatness both on and off-screen.

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