Kal Ho Naa Ho Clocks 20 Years: ‘Naina’ pens a heartfelt note for ‘Yash Uncle’

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As the film Kal Ho Naa Ho completes 20 years, the lead actress Preity Zinta, who played the role of Naina, took to Instagram to express her gratitude and reminisce about the late producer Yash Johar. This iconic film holds a special place in the hearts of audiences worldwide and continues to leave a lasting impact.

A Saddest Happy Film

Taking to Instagram, Preity wrote, “Kal Ho Naa Ho was the saddest happy film I did.” This statement perfectly captures the essence of the movie, which beautifully portrays the complexities of life, love, and emotional dilemmas. The bittersweet moments in the film stir a range of emotions and resonate with viewers.

Forever Grateful to Yash Uncle

Preity Zinta expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Yash Johar for creating this incredible film. She mentioned, “Nothing can replace those memories, and I will forever be grateful to Yash Uncle for making this incredible film.” Yash Johar, the late producer, played a significant role in shaping the film and its success. The movie was the last project he worked on, leaving behind a powerful legacy.

A Farewell to Yash Uncle

In her note, Preity Zinta also shared the deep connection she felt with Yash Johar. She mentioned, “There will never be anyone like you Yash Uncle. You took a piece of my heart with you when you left. This film will forever remind me of you.” Yash Johar’s absence on the set and his untimely departure created a void that can never be filled. His presence continues to be cherished in every frame of “Kal Ho Naa Ho.”

Karan Johar’s Emotional Collage

Filmmaker Karan Johar, Yash Johar’s son, also expressed his heartfelt emotions on the occasion. He uploaded a special collage video on Instagram, featuring memorable scenes from the film and the iconic track “Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai” playing in the background. Karan Johar captioned the post, “This film has been such an emotional journey for me and perhaps for all of us.” The video serves as a testament to the timeless essence of the film and its impact on audiences.

A Lasting Presence

Karan Johar emphasized the significance of Kal Ho Naa Ho in his father’s career, sharing that it was the last film Yash Johar was a part of from the Dharma family. He stated, “It feels surreal to have his presence in every frame as I rewatch it even till today. Thank you papa, for guiding us through everything & making stories that matter…and for always standing by what is right. I will always miss you.” Yash Johar’s legacy transcends beyond his work, leaving behind a poignant presence that continues to be cherished.

Nikkhil Advani’s Directorial Debut

Karan Johar also extended his gratitude to director Nikkhil Advani for creating such a beautiful and impactful film. He recognized the director’s contribution and its everlasting impact, saying, “Thank you Nikkhil for making a directorial debut that is etched forever in all our collective hearts.” Nikkhil Advani’s vision and execution brought Kal Ho Naa Ho to life, capturing the hearts of millions of viewers.

The Enduring Charm of “Kal Ho Naa Ho”

Directed by Nikkhil Advani, Kal Ho Naa Ho has left an indelible mark on the audience with its emotional performances, soul-stirring songs, and iconic dialogues. The film revolves around Naina Katherine Kapoor, portrayed by Preity Zinta. Naina, an MBA student in New York, finds herself falling in love with her terminally ill neighbor, Aman Mathur, played by Shah Rukh Khan. Aman endeavors to unite Naina with her friend Rohit Patel, portrayed by Saif Ali Khan, fearing the pain she would experience if he reciprocates her feelings.

With Kal Ho Naa Ho completing 20 years, perhaps it is time to reflect on love, loss, and most importantly, about cherishing each moment in life.

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