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Kapil Sharma Reveals Snippets Of Struggle As A Helper At Coca Cola: ‘Have Seen This Life Very Closely’

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During the recent trailer launch of his upcoming film Zwigato with director Nandita Das and co-star Shahana Goswami in Mumbai, comedian-actor Kapil Sharma opened up on how the movie is not too far from his real life experience. Surprising to believe, but once Kapil Sharma had worked as a helper at Coca Cola, a soft drink company. 

Kapil Sharma shared his humble beginnings in life with director Nandita Das during the Toronto Film Festival. Delving into the details, Kapil said, “ At that time, I was not a delivery person as there were no apps (food delivery apps), but I was a helper. There was a salesman who also had to drive the truck (loaded with the soft drinks bottles) and there would be a helper to assist him.” Kapil added that while he didn’t face the problems that delivery agents today face, he still had to work hard. 

When approached by Nandita, Kapil realized the hardships that a delivery agent faced, thanks to the research that Nandita did. “I realized how difficult the life of a food delivery agent is, how they work and how much they earn per delivery and how difficult it is for them.” Kapil also revealed how having seen the life of helper at Coca Cola, the role in Zwigato wasn’t too challenging. He also said that while filming in Bhubaneshwar and other parts of the country, he was reminded of his time at his hometown of Amritsar.

“As we were filming in real locations around the city, there were certain things that reminded me of the times when I was not what I am today. The small things like the combined fragrance of food that’s cooking in your and your neighbor’s house. Just going around the city on the bike, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It is just lost now and I certainly miss it,” he shared.  

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