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Knowing The Many Avatars Of Raj Gupta, Indian-American Technologist, Entrepreneur, Bollywood Fan, And A Community Servant

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He has had the typical immigrant’s journey of working in Science Technology Engineering Management (STEM) after coming to the USA. He has started numerous businesses and he also played an integral role in bringing together and celebrating the Indian diaspora in the US. In his contribution to the community over many years, he has popularized Indian culture and made it cool. The organizer and supporter of innumerable fundraisers, fashion, performance arts, and other cultural events, Mr Raj Gupta, founder of Balaji Group which includes Balaji Builders, Balaji Jewellers, Balaji Medical and Bollywood Entertainment USA Inc, is indeed a beacon of light to all of us in the diaspora- as a businessman, as an Indian & American, and as a humanitarian. 

Today, we got lucky to interact with Mr Raj Gupta, up close and personal, on Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show where Mr Gupta shared his entrepreneurial journey, passion for Indian culture, and how it led him to numerous entertainment ventures. 

Business in blood 

Mr Raj Gupta was born in Jodhpur to a Marwari business family. However, instead of just having the business acumen, Raj was also passionate about technology and innovation. This led him to pursue Electronics & Computer Science and at one time, he dabbled in Indian Civil Service. His American journey started in 1995 when he did his MBA and MS in Computer Science from SNHU and Harvard respectively. As an inventor, he contributed to various biomedical products and to this day, he is still a passionate believer in technology as an enabler of social change. 

However, his business instincts were itching and soon, he started several businesses, successfully venturing into import and export, food industry, real estate, developing cutting edge technology and entertainment industry. Like all Indians with their love of jewelry, Mr Gupta started Balaji Jewellers. When asked about why he wanted to get into the entertainment business, Raj replied simply, “The idea behind the entertainment business was to unite the local community, promote local talent and provide a common platform to celebrate and showcase the Indian culture and diaspora.” 

When we asked him about how the business story started and how Balaji Bollywood fitted in this journey, Mr Gupta mentioned how he started off with the import and export of Indian Handicraft and Marble to the USA, soon starting Balaji Builders Inc and invested into construction projects, besides real estate management. “I am a huge Bollywood fan”, said Raj and soon he was organizing Bollywood concerts and events in Boston, New York, and in the New England area. He saw entertainment not only as a business but as a way of nurturing local talent, showcase and celebrate the achievements of Indian-Americans and promote Indian culture. “Our common culture binds us all to India even in America”. 

One prominent example of celebrating Indian Americans was when Mr Gupta hosted reigning Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu in August 2022 in Boston for the first time in Boston’s history. Moreover, his passion for both entertainment and medical innovation led him to participate in a health talk with Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu. 

Participation in social causes 

But, Balaji Bollywood Inc is more than just about Indian culture and talent. The company has actively contributed to several social causes such as women empowerment, fundraising for cancer research and numerous charity events. Over the last 7 years, he has been involved with Jago World Annual Holiday Gift Drive – a fundraising event and holiday party for foster children and orphaned kids. Despite his busy schedule and numerous concerns, he has taken out the time to volunteer with and support numerous organizations including EKAL, IIFFB,  Hindi Munch, Shri Hari Dham ,Rhode Island Tamil Sangam, BAPS, Jaipur Foot USA, FIA, IARI, Jago world.

Honored for humanitarian and entrepreneurial achievements 

His humanitarianism, passion for social cause, and love of India have been noticed and celebrated even in the American community. In 2019, he was honored by MBNA for his humanitarian and entrepreneurial achievements. Further, he was felicitated by the Governor of the State of Rhode Island, for highlighting Indian culture through fashion, performance arts and fundraising events to support women fighting cancer. 

Apart from these significant honors, Mr Raj Gupta won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Puja Batra, Bollywood star and winner of the Miss Bharat USA pageant. He has also graced the Gala Dinner and Award night of the ‘Passion Vista Global Icon Awards’ held on 21st December 2019 in Hollywood. Recently in 2022, he was felicitated with the Business Icon of the Year award from MYDREAM TV USA. 

Mr Gupta’s love for all things, India also drives his humanitarian instinct. Recently, in support of the Ukrainian victims of the Russia-Ukraine War, he raised funds with Miss World Karolina Bielawska and first runner up Shree Saini and also conducted a health talk with Ms Bielawska. 

Coming to Balaji Bollywood Entertainment, Mr Raj reflected how his approach prevents negativity and promotes cooperation. “My greatest USP has been the ability to work with local organizers like a team and my working style involves the community as a whole in projects for social causes”. He also spoke about how 2019 was a turning point for Balaji Bollywood Entertainment Inc, the year in which he organized the Miss Bharat New England Fashion and Beauty pageant for the first time in Massachusetts. The pageant was quickly followed by a huge Bollywood concert and charity fashion shows by the celebrated Bollywood designer Rohit Verma. 

As ever, Mr Raj Gupta is focussed onwards toward the future. He has made it his mission to provide a platform for Bollywood industry in the USA, raise funds for medical research and social causes, and unite the community of local organizers in the USA as an association. We wish him the very best for all his endeavors, confident and cheering for him and we are sure that our audience can join us in saying this to Mr Gupta, “Jay Ho!” for his lifetime of service and contributions to India and to America.

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