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‘Kohrra’ Star Suvinder Vicky, Learn About His Journey From Arthouse Gems To Netflix Sensation

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With resounding acclaim for his captivating and multifaceted performance in the Netflix series ‘Kohrra,’ Suvinder Vicky has firmly established himself as a standout talent in Indian cinema. Portraying the character of Balbir Singh, a sub-inspector with a troubled past, Vicky’s portrayal in ‘Kohrra’ has earned him praise and even comparisons to the late Irrfan Khan. In a recent interview, the actor opens up about his journey, his artistic evolution, and the art of bringing characters to life.

Suvinder Vicky’s artistic roots lie in theatre and arthouse films, where he honed his skills and developed a profound understanding of the craft. His impressive performances in movies like ‘Chauthi Koot’ and ‘Milestone’ drew the attention of the industry, leading him to make a mark in Hindi films and web series.

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In ‘Kohrra,’ co-created by Sudip Sharma and directed by Randeep Jha, Vicky’s character Balbir Singh begins on a police procedural that gradually unravels into an exploration of complex relationships. One of the most memorable aspects of the series is Balbir’s tumultuous relationship with his daughter Nimrat, played by the talented Harleen Sethi. Vicky excels in depicting a range of emotions, from passionate intensity to vulnerability and heartfelt empathy.

Despite playing a policeman in both ‘Kohrra’ and a previous Netflix series titled ‘CAT,’ Vicky explains that the characters are distinct, showcasing contrasting shades. 

While academic study provides a foundation, he believes that the true development of characters comes from within. The transformation of Balbir Singh in ‘Kohrra’ required subtlety and authenticity, a portrayal that was close to life and emanated from the depths of his soul.

He has also appeared in Abhishek Chaubey’s ‘Udta Punjab’ to Sudip Sharma’s ‘Paatal Lok,’ where he has showcased his versatility and ability to immerse himself in diverse characters.

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