Kriti Sanon’s Rumored Boyfriend: Meet Kabir Bahia The Millionaire Heir!!

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Who is Kabir Bahia, the man rumored to be dating Bollywood star Kriti Sanon? Let’s uncover the story behind this mysterious millionaire and his alleged romance with the actress.

A Closer Look at Kabir and Kriti’s Alleged Romance

Recently, rumors have been swirling around Bollywood sensation Kriti Sanon and a certain UK-based gentleman named Kabir Bahia. It all started when Kriti shared a joyous Holi snap on her Instagram, sparking a whirlwind of discussions across social media platforms, especially Reddit, about her supposed connection with Kabir. Interestingly, Kabir has been spotted at various gatherings alongside Kriti and her sister, Nupur Sanon, fueling the gossip mill even further.

The Beginnings of Kriti and Kabir’s Story

Legend has it that it was Nupur who played Cupid and introduced Kabir to her sister Kriti. And if that wasn’t enough to set tongues wagging, a sneaky snapshot emerged recently, showing Kriti hand-in-hand with a mysterious companion as they wandered the streets of London. But just who is this enigmatic Kabir Bahia?

Getting to Know Kabir: The Basics

Kabir is approximately 24 years old, with reports suggesting he was born in November 1999. His academic journey led him to Millfield, a prestigious boarding school nestled in the heart of Somerset, England, where he completed his studies in 2018. Delving into his Instagram reveals nostalgic glimpses of his school days, including one charming photo from 2015 showcasing his cricketing prowess on the hallowed grounds of the Millfield Cricket Ground.

Family Ties and Financial Fortunes

Kabir hails from a family of affluence, with his father, Kuljinder Bahia, carving out a name for himself as the brains behind Southall Travel, a prominent UK-based travel agency. According to the 2019 Sunday Times Rich List, the Bahia family boasts a staggering net worth of £427 million, making them one of the United Kingdom’s wealthiest clans.

Rubbing Shoulders with Cricketing Royalty

Despite his young age, Kabir has managed to cultivate close ties with some of cricket’s biggest names, including the legendary MS Dhoni and his wife, Sakshi Dhoni. With a shared passion for the sport, Kabir often finds himself in the company of cricketing icons like Hardik Pandya, documenting their encounters through an array of captivating photos and videos on social media.

kabir Bahia with MS Dhoni ,Sakshi Dhoni and Hardik Pandey

Partying with the Stars

When it comes to painting the town red, Kabir doesn’t hold back. Whether it’s ringing in the New Year alongside Kriti, Nupur, and their inner circle in Dubai or attending glitzy weddings like that of Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic, Kabir is always in the thick of the action, ensuring every moment is captured for posterity on his Instagram feed.

Scrolling through Kabir’s Instagram feed is akin to taking a whirlwind tour of the cricketing world. Not only does he share snapshots with his illustrious friends, but he’s also been known to make appearances alongside Sakshi and MS Dhoni during their Instagram Live sessions, offering fans a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of their favorite cricketers.

The Social Media Savvy Sidekick

Kabir Bahia is more than just a name; he’s a symbol of youth, wealth, and a lifestyle intertwined with the glitz and glamour of Bollywood and international cricket. And as the speculation surrounding his relationship with Kriti Sanon continues to swirl, one thing remains certain: Kabir’s story is far from over.

Kriti Sanon’s Upcoming projects

Kriti Sanon’s recent releases are Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya and Crew on 09 February 2024 and 29 March 2024 respectively. She will be next seen in Housefull 5 which is scheduled to release on 06 June 2025.

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