Laapataa Ladies: Box Office Update

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The latest figures for Kiran Rao’s film, “Laapataa Ladies,” reveal a slight dip in earnings as it enters its 11th day at the box office. Despite a promising start, the movie witnessed a decline in collections on its second Monday, garnering just ₹21 lakh.

The movie was released on the 1st of March. The Krran Rao directed movie Laapataa Ladies has collected approximately ₹9 crore in India. The cast of the movie is quite fresh including Ratibha Ratna, Sparsh Shrivastav, and Nitanshi Goel.

Box Office Performance

During its initial week, the movie was raked in ₹6.05 crore. However, its earnings saw fluctuations in the succeeding days: ₹60 lakh on day 8, ₹95 lakh on day 9, and ₹1.15 crore on day 10. Unfortunately, the film experienced a notable decline on its 11th day, earning just ₹21 lakh in India. The movie has earned ₹8.96 crore in the domestic market.

About “Laapataa Ladies”

Presented by Jio Studios and jointly produced by Aamir Khan Productions and Kiran Rao’s Kindling Productions, “Laapataa Ladies” boasts a stellar cast including Ravi Kishan and Chhaya Kadam. The screenplay was written by Sneha Desai and is based on an award-winning story by Biplab Goswami.

Plot Synopsis

Set in the fictitious state of Nirmal Pradesh in 2001, “Laapataa Ladies” presents a comedic narrative surrounding two brides, Phool and Pushpa. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they are accidentally swapped during a train journey. While one finds herself in the company of a stranger’s groom, the other is left stranded at a railway station. The story unfolds as a police officer named Kishan takes on the responsibility of solving the situation.

Pratibha Ranta on Kiran Rao

In an interview with a newspaper Pratibha Ratna, one of the lead actors, commended Kiran Rao’s directorial skills. She described Rao as “crisp and concise,” highlighting her deep understanding of female characters. Ratna also appreciated Kiran Rao’s willingness to collaborate with actors, providing them with the freedom to contribute their insights. This collaborative environment, Ratna explained, allowed her to focus solely on her craft without distractions.

“Laapataa Ladies” continues to charm audiences with its unique storyline and engaging performances. Despite facing a slight setback in collections, the film’s cinematic appeal and positive reception from critics and viewers alike underscore its enduring popularity. As it continues its theatrical run, “Laapataa Ladies” remains a testament to Kiran Rao’s directorial finesse and the talent of its ensemble cast.

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