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Leysan Karimova opens up about her latest dance number, “Main Parwaana” from Pippa

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In a recent appearance on “The Jay Kumar Show,” Leysan Karimova, the talented actress, and dancer, took a candid approach to discuss her struggles, aspirations, and her relentless pursuit of excellence. When the conversation revolved around her latest dance number, “Main Parwaana,” from the movie “Pippa,” Leysan shed light on the challenges faced by the song and shared her perspectives on why it may not have received the attention it deserves.

The Lack of Top Bollywood Actors

When asked about the limited attention received by “Main Parwaana,” Leysan expressed her thoughts on the absence of top Bollywood actors in the dance number. She humbly admitted, “I am no top actress myself.” Leysan acknowledged that while the dance in “Main Parwaana” is one of the best in recent times, the absence of prominent actors, such as the “Khans,” may have contributed to its underappreciation.

The Influence of Promotion

Leysan also pointed out the role of promotion in the success of a song. She admitted her limited understanding of promotion but stated, “The film was released on OTT platforms instead of traditional theaters and multiplexes,” which she believes could be a major reason behind the song not reaching its full potential. Leysan emphasized that the song is still doing well but not as expected due to the unconventional distribution platform.

The Challenges of Choreography

Acknowledging the brilliance of her performance and that of co-star Ishaan, Mr. Jay Kumar inquired about the challenges faced during the choreography of “Main Parwaana.” Leysan agreed that the choreography was indeed difficult, especially considering her lack of classical dance training. However, she mentioned that she thoroughly enjoyed the 10 days of rehearsals and managed to pick up the dance moves smoothly.

A Special Journey for Leysan

Leysan revealed that “Main Parwaana” holds a special place in her heart. As a Russian actress, she was asked to audition for the role of a Russian translator in the movie “Pippa.” This opportunity gave her a chance to showcase her dancing skills, and she expressed gratitude for being a part of such a memorable project. Leysan’s journey as an actress in Bollywood is sure to captivate audiences, and more insights can be expected on “The Jay Kumar Show.”

A Message of Inspiration

In her interview, Leysan shared an empowering message for aspiring actresses. She believes that every actress has the power to choose her own path. As long as you believe in your own abilities and are willing to put in the hard work, there is nothing that can impede your dreams. Leysan’s story serves as a true inspiration for those who lack industry connections but aspire to achieve great heights in Bollywood.

Leysan Karimova – A True Inspiration

The actress firmly believes that with passion, persistence, and relentless determination, anyone can achieve their goals and make a mark in the highly competitive world of entertainment. Leysan Karimova’s journey in the Hindi film industry exemplifies resilience and determination. Despite being a foreign actress, she has managed to carve a place for herself in Bollywood through her unwavering dedication to her craft. Her passion for Hindi films, commitment to refining her accent, and focus on honing her acting skills have propelled her to new heights. Leysan is a beacon of hope for any aspiring actress seeking success in the face of adversity.

In conclusion, Leysan Karimova’s openness about her latest dance number, “Main Parwaana,” highlights her genuine perspective on its limited attention. Though devoid of top Bollywood actors and released on an OTT platform, the song continues to garner appreciation. Leysan’s journey as an actress in Bollywood promises to be an exciting one, and her captivating performances are a testament to her talent and dedication.

Leysan Karimova on The Jay Kumar Show

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