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Luck Or Hard Work? Astrologer Sundeep Kochar Weighs On This Question And More

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It’s fascinating to understand that our destiny is already defined and written in the universe’s cradle. It includes all the stars, planets, and statistics of their positions that can predict our horoscope precisely. And for that reason, it seems mysterious. But, astrology holds all the answers, including analyses of how things work and predictions of your destiny. Renowned astrologer Sundeep Kochar, referred to as “Nostradamus of India” by the Thai government, has been into this profession for 22 years. He describes astrology and its depth, the connection with modern and ancient science. Talking to, Sundeep gave a detailed answer on whether hard work or luck is bigger?   

Talking to Jay Kumar, Sundeep Kochar began his conversation talking about the pros and cons of any individual’s future prediction. He says, “Life is always serious, but we can choose to make it beautiful, meaningful and happy. With 22 years of journey in astrology so far, you get some accolades and some criticism, that is a journey all about. With all this learning you become a better person, a better version of yourself. I still feel I am a student. Everyone has some unique abilities, where you learn and grow and make your own life better.”

What does Sundeep say about his profession? 

He further continues, “My job is not about my own life, but anyone who comes to me, it is my responsibility to make them understand about their journey because it is the most difficult task. I tell them who they are, what is going on and till when it will be done, their weakness, strength and their potential. You make that person aware of themselves. After knowing all these, that person can bring required changes and make his life better. And because of this, I think self realization is the most difficult task.”

22 years, thousands of horoscopes and the result is….

“It’s been 22 years and I have seen more than a thousand horoscopes so far. And mostly people are happy and satisfied. I believe in those positive vibes and energies from them. If you guide them in the right manner, especially when all the chips are down, then the thanks that come from them really gives happiness.”

How risky is prediction on politics?

Astrological forecasts regarding political figures have occasionally come true and occasionally failed to do so. As a result, making predictions in the political sphere might be tricky for any astrologer. On this question, Sundeep says, “When you predict about politics, global scenario, then you tend to attract some accolades and sometimes backlash. So that way, I think God has been kind to me. But I cannot compare myself to “Nostradamus”. I am not even a small grin in front of him. But yes, when you do something you get appreciation and you feel good, that’s the only thing I can say”.

Is astrology an ability that can be learned or is it a natural gift?

On this question Sundeep answers, “As it is said practice makes a man perfect, which I completely believe in. Astrology is not a science that can be learnt in one lifetime, it is an ocean of knowledge. Coming to the other side of the story, you have to have some quality in you. It can come from some talent or it may be imbibed in you from the beginning.”

Astrology and Modern Science

Sundeep further answers the question of connection between Indian astrology and modern science. He says, “Indian astrology is a part of Vedas. Vedas are the oldest scriptures on the planet and during that time the calculations they did were accurate, and now when I calculate them on my Macbook, so, from vedas to Macbook, that science is still there, it is still valid. Sages from the Vedic era could make out which planet is where and how it is. Astrology begins from astronomy. So, sages at that time, who calculated the distance of the planets is still valid, which today’s scientists need to catch up. Modern science keeps on coming with the idea that Pluto is no more a planet and you are left with 8 planets. Whereas, in the Indian system, actually there is no Pluto. We have our own 9 sets of planets, we have Rahu and Ketu.

The myths associated to astrology

Sundeep continues by clarifying that astrology is not the same as finding remedies. He says, “People start thinking about remedies, which have no meaning. As humans, we fear losing competition and we look for shortcuts to make things better. Of course, there are no shortcuts in life. No man has the power to change his single moment in his life. It is only the divine intervention, and the right time, astrologically speaking, things will fall in place”.

Which is bigger:Luck or hard work?

Both hard work and luck are related. However, I also believe in divine intervention and blessings. Without them, it is almost impossible to succeed. In fact, I believe that being spiritual is correlated with being lucky. So, spiritual connection is important but, it needs to be supported by initiative, hard work, right approach, right decision at the right time. The combination of all this is what we call luck. This is how you prosper.

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