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Magician & Mentalist Akshay Laxman Bamboozles Our Host Jay Kumar With The Never-Seen Before Magic Trick

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Mentalist and magician Akshay Laxman has astonished numerous Bollywood celebrities like Sanjay Dutt, Shah Rukh Khan, and Shraddha Kapoor with his magical skills, and now Jay Kumar, the host of Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show has joined this list. 

During a recent trip to India, Jay Kumar, the US based talk show host met Akshay Laxman and experienced the illusion he delivers. In the video, Akshay can be seen using a Rubik’s Cube and playing cards to do magic tricks. Using his ability to read minds, Akshay was also able to guess the name ‘Neelu’ which Jay had in mind. And with this Akshay utterly flabbergasted Jay with his astounding mental reading ability.

Jay was awestruck as he watched the cool magic with his mouth agape and eyes wide in wonder. Then again, Akshay Laxman has before displayed his talent for mind reading and delivered a magical spellbound.

It’s remarkable to see how his magic works and how he consistently gets the thoughts of the person in front of him right. In a previous interview with Jay-Ho! The Jay Kumar Show, Akshay discussed the key to his success.

Akshay Laxman explained that magic had always been an interest for him. His curiosity in this art grew over time, and he eventually started reading books on it. In order to incorporate narration into his magical acts, he began to master the technique through movies. In addition to his incredible abilities, Akshay holds a degree in psychology. His mind-reading abilities are impressive. Both of these qualities distinguish Akshay from other magicians and elevate him to the top of his profession. His reputation as a mentalist with magical abilities and mind-reading skills is well-established. And, now more than 15 years have passed since he began his career as a mentalist.

Well, knowing Akshay Laxman is like being introduced to a story that keeps you interested. Akshay Laxman’s career and the hardships he endured in his life is something that will surely inspire everyone. 

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