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Melodic Praise: Mika Singh Celebrates Shah Rukh Khan And Sunny Deol As Bollywood’s Saviors

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Mika Singh, the renowned singer and music director, recently poured his heart out in admiration for two Bollywood icons, Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol, amidst the roaring success of their respective movies, “Jawan” and “Gadar 2.” In a heartfelt tribute, Mika Singh dubbed these actors as ‘angels’ who’ve come to the rescue of Bollywood.

Despite being celebrated as the ‘King of romance,’ Shah Rukh Khan is currently mesmerizing fans with his high-octane performance in “Jawan.” Directed by Atlee Kumar, the action-packed thriller has been generating buzz and excitement for months. As the film finally graced cinema screens worldwide, social media erupted with a chorus of positive reviews, with fans and critics alike hailing it as the blockbuster of 2023. On its opening day, “Jawan,” featuring SRK alongside Nayanthara, achieved a phenomenal feat by selling approximately 5.57 lakh tickets, breaking the previous record set by Shah Rukh Khan’s last blockbuster, “Pathaan.”

Mika Singh, known for his expressive personality, took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his awe for Shah Rukh Khan’s dynamic portrayal. He couldn’t contain his admiration and wrote, “A legend remains a legend, and that’s exactly what @iamsrk Saab has proven. First with #Pathan and now with #Jawan. He’s radiating brilliance everywhere!”

However, Mika Singh’s praise didn’t end with Shah Rukh Khan. He extended his gratitude to Sunny Deol for delivering a massive hit like “Gadar 2.” With a heartfelt touch, Singh referred to both SRK and Deol as ‘angels’ who’ve come to rescue Bollywood. In his own words, “Bollywood needed saviors, and these two lions came to the rescue. @iamsunnydeol bhaaji and @iamsrk bhaaji have truly excelled.”

Mika Singh’s emotional outpouring reflects the genuine appreciation and support that artists in the industry often extend to their peers. His words resonate with the sentiment of many fans who see these actors as more than just entertainers; they are the heart and soul of Bollywood’s enduring magic.

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