Rituraj Mohanty

Mesmerizing Dubai With Music: Rituraj Mohanty’s Spellbinding Performance And Devotional Ode

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Renowned Indian singer Rituraj Mohanty, winner of India’s Raw Star in 2014, recently captivated audiences in Dubai with his soul-stirring and energetic voice. Opening his concert with the devotional song ‘Ahe Nila Saila,’ Rituraj sought blessings from the Supreme Lord Jagannatha and received immense praise from the audience. The powerful rendition, shared on his Instagram, truly showcased his heartfelt emotions and words. 

Hailing from Odisha, Rituraj Mohanty gained nationwide recognition after clinching the coveted title of India’s Raw Star in 2014. His consistently outstanding performances throughout the singing reality show propelled him to victory, triumphing over talented competitors such as Darshan Raval from Ahmedabad and Mohit Gaur from Jaipur.

In a candid interview after his victory on ‘India’s Raw Star,’ Rituraj Mohanty shared his arduous journey. He recalled the challenging days when he would create demos and tirelessly strive to get his voice heard. Homeless and determined, he would sleep at the train station, seeking refuge from the rain under the kind souls who offered him shelter. During this trying period, Rituraj met Surendra Bachan, a music director for Punjabi films, who provided invaluable guidance and encouragement. Bachan’s words of wisdom resonated deeply with Rituraj, motivating him to persevere and pursue his dreams relentlessly.

Rituraj Mohanty has showcased his versatility by singing in multiple languages, including Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Marathi, Rajasthani, and Odiya. However, Sufi music holds a special place in his heart, as it serves as a direct connection to the Divine. The essence and spirituality of Sufi music resonate deeply within him, enabling him to establish a profound connection with God.

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