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Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Her Life When She ‘Used To Be Young’

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Miley Cyrus’s new song, Used to Be Young is on the top of the chart from the day of its release. Inspired by the song, she has recently recorded a series on social media for her fans in which she has opened up about her life. In the series, she is seen reminiscing about her good old “young” days. Miley recalled cherished memories of her childhood and shared some videos of her singing with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Miley said the main difference in mentality between she and her Dad as an artist is that she is never bothered about the numbers. To her, when she gets to know the number of people that attended her concert, or the number of views her music video received she imagines the people behind the numbers who have enjoyed her music. She is not inspired by the numbers. But for her Dad, the singer-songwriter admitted that he was always motivated seeing the number of audience that turned up in his concert. The numbers made him feel important as they helped him to heal his childhood wounds. But for her, it was never like that as she was always made to feel like a star from her childhood days by her parents. As Miley mentioned this, she became a little emotional about her father and remarked she felt vocally her father was under-appreciated.

In one of the videos that she shared with her fans, we could see proud Dad, Billy Cyrus performing on stage with little Miley in his arms. Miley even shared a recorded interview in which her father is seen saying, “It’s my intuition that this little girl’s destiny is to bring a lot of hope to the world. She loves to dance and the more people clap for her, the more she’ll dance. I think she’s got the Cyrus virus.”

Miley said she is grateful to her father for projecting this message to the Universe so early on before she could even fathom what that meant. She believes it was her father who attached that energy to her vessel which later became a reality.

The Pop icon next shared an adorable childhood pic of her sleeping on a bunk in a tour bus. She showed how she had stored some sort of hoardings the fans had thrown onto the stage. She admitted to collecting all such hoardings from her fans to date. “I keep it all. I got 21 storage units to prove it.” And then she remarked smilingly, “You better work!”

Miley said she likes having a coach. “I like someone to respect and someone to look up to. My mentors are everything to me. The people that have already done what I’ve done, can give me the cheat codes. I rely on them, like Dolly or Joan or Stevie and it’s a reason to get glam.”

Though she enjoys touring and has been touring since childhood she finds the hardest switch for her is to turn off every day the relationship between her and other humans as subject and observer. She finds you need to train your ego to switch off after each performance or it isn’t healthy for you! “Because it erases my humanity and connection and without my humanity and connection I can’t be a songwriter which is my priority,” She said.  

 By Ishita Ganguly 

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