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Mohammed Rafi’s 43rd Death Anniversary: Javed Ali Reflects On The Timeless Charm Of Rafi Saab’s Songs

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Legendary singer Mohammed Rafi’s soulful voice and evergreen songs continues to enchant music lovers across generations. On the 43rd anniversary of his demise, the renowned singer Javed Ali shares his profound admiration for the musical maestro and the challenges he faces while recreating Rafi’s iconic songs.

Javed Ali, who released the soul-stirring rendition of “Nazar Na Lag Jaye” (originally from the movie “Night in London,” 1967) as a single in 2018, is humbled by the opportunity to perform the iconic songs of Rafi saab. Acknowledging the uniqueness of Mohammed Rafi’s voice, Javed refrains from attempting to imitate the unparalleled magic that Rafi’s vocal cords could weave.

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He expresses, “It’s not an easy job to sing Rafi saab’s song. But, whenever I have the privilege of performing one of his songs, I refrain from attempting to mimic his voice as it is an impossible feat. Instead, I strive to capture the essence and emulate the emotions and expression with which he delivered the song. I hold his unique style in high regard.”

Rafi saab, renowned for his commercial hits, also adorned his melodies with a touch of classical elegance. Interestingly, Javed Ali has been commended for possessing a similar style and vocal quality. Grateful for this connection, he finds immense joy in singing Rafi’s evergreen tunes.

Javed adds, “So all I am doing is trying to give out my best. Unke jaisa na toh koi tha, na koi hoga” (No one was like him, and no one ever will be).

While invoking the essence of Rafi saab,” Javed Ali’s dedication ensures that the timeless melodies of yesteryears remain eternally in the hearts of music aficionados, connecting generations through the power of song.

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